Virtual Monitoring


In the past, it was much easier to obtain information from the infrastructure. Nowadays, it has become much more complicated due to the variety of architectures (mixed or not), with dynamic containers, SaaS, public or private Cloud, etc.

Improve your architecture by using metric systems. With our agents, remote probes or plugins for virtual infrastructure access, you can get the most out of your metrics.

Virtualization Infrastructure

Pandora FMS automatically monitors ESX servers, DataStores, virtual machines and VirtualCenter of your VMware architecture. In addition, this virtual monitoring does not affect the performance of the VMware system. Our software uses the official API to collect all the information. Moreover, Pandora FMS can be used with Docker Swarm, Nutanix, XEN, RHEV, HyperV and AWS/EC2 virtualization following the same principles (with access to external APIs).

IaaS Integration

If you do not have access to the infrastructure servers, you can install agents on your machines or monitor them externally. Additionally, you will be able to dynamically register systems in a simple way, using the provisioning mechanisms of your IaaS provider and the Pandora FMS APIs.

Do you need a solution to monitor your business?