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[EN] Quick guides

This is a collection of quick guides to Pandora FMS in english. Unlike the official documentation, the quick guides work as How-to or specific tutorials for a given task, although we have some more extensive quick guides that cover several topics.

First steps with Pandora FMS

Official start-up guide to get the most out of Pandora FMS, from installation to report generation. If you do not wish to delve...

Notifications in Pandora FMS

These are quick guides about Pandora FMS notifications in different messaging tools. NOTE: This guide is under construction

Automatic Linux Agent Installation

Automatic installation for Linux Agent Supported distributions: CentOS7, CentOS8, Debian 9.x, Ubuntu 18.x, Raspbian 9x and Rasp...

Pandora FMS Agent Installation in Windows Server 2019

Installation step by step of Pandora MFS agent in Windows Server 2019

Plugin Linode

This plug-in is used to monitor instances in Linode. It connects to the Linode cloud service to get data about the running in...

Plugin NGINX Enterprise monitoring

Plugin for status monitoring of Nginx or Nginx plus

Plugin Digital Ocean

Plugin to check data from your DigitalOcean account and your droplets.

Pandora FMS Plugin JMX

Plugin for monitoring application servers based on JMX technology

Mist Plugin

This server plugin monitors the status of devices registered in each zone of Mist Cloud.

Plugin Openstack

Plugin to take monitoring data from an open stacks installation.

Apache performance plugin

plugin to monitor apache

Ldap plugin

plugin to view metrics of your ldap server

IPMI Agent plugin

These plugins provide modules for each of the sensors from IPMI

Cisco Configuration Remote Inventory Plugin

This utility retrieves running-config from target cisco device.

Telegram bot CLI

Telegram bots CLI connector for use in pandora alerts.

Docker swarm monitoring

Pandora FMS plugin for Docker monitoring allows you to scan your swarm and retrieve the information into your Pandora FMS Conso...

Plugin Docker

Docker statistics monitoring plugin

Slack integration

Slack is an instant messaging platform especially appreciated by the software developer community. With Pandora FMS you will be...

Discord integration

Discord is a social network quite oriented to games but covering other important areas such as music, education and of course s...

Google Chat integration

Google Chat® (formerly Hangouts Chat®) is a secure instant messaging tool designed to facilitate business communications within...

Active Directory

Active Directory monitoring plugin, collecting information from users and related services.

Mongo DB and Mongo DB atlas

Plugin to grab stats from a server, database and its collections, supports Mongo DB atlas compatibility.

Apache Spark plugin

Plugin to grab metrics from all executors of all running or finished apps on your Spark server.

Plugin weblogic

Plugin that collects stats from each server and app in the installation, also collects data from threadpools, jvm and agent snmp.

Kubernetes Enterprise plugin

This plugin allows you to obtain data from a Kubernetes environment, generating agents for each of its elements and monitoring ...

SQL Server monitoring plugin

Pandora FMS plugin for SQL Server monitoring retrieves information from selected performance counters.

SQL Querier Tool

Plugin for monitoring SQL Server databases through custom SQL queries. Obtains the result of the launched SQL query as a value...

Redis DB Monitoring

Plugin for Redis database monitoring.

Citrix NetScaler monitoring

This plugin retrieves metrics from several origins

Marklogic monitoring

This plugin multiple metrics from MarkLogic installations.


This plugin takes data from every active instance in your websphere environment.

Genieacs plugin

Plugin for take data from genieacs


Plugin for monitoring InfluxDB

Tomcat enterprise plugin

With this plug-in we can see the Tomcast stats.

Zendesk plugin

Plugin to create tickets in zendesk with pandora.

Zammad plugin

Plugin to create, edit or delete tickets in zammad with pandora.

Redmine plugin

Plugin to create, update and delete tickets in a redmine project.

Cloud Foundry

With PandoraFMS Plugin we will be able to obtain information through the API using the CF-CLI tool.


Pandora FMS Hyper-V Monitoring Plugin allows to have under control the Hyper-V virtual architecture in a simple way.

Pandora office 365

It is defined as a server plugin, which generates an agent with each available office 365 service and its features status. ava...

Pandora Azure Storage

With this plugin you can monitor a storage account and retrieve data from it, from the blob storage, queue storage and file sto...

Pandora Azure SQL

Plugin for monitoring an AzureSQL database

Plugin Mac inventory

Inventory plugin to list cpu, ram, network cards, disks and apps on your MAC.

Veeam backup replication

Plugin to pull data from Veeam Backup replication

Pandora UX

Plugin that allows standard execution of pre-recorded PDR and PWR sessions.

Plugin openshift.

Plugin to monitor openshift.


Plugin to monitor PostgreSQL using custom queries.

Pandora cisco ipsla

The main objective of this document is to describe the monitoring procedures using the ipsla tool and the use of the SNMP proto...

PandoraFMS IBM-I plugin

With "Control for i" you can monitor an IBM i partition, with this plugin you can see all the data of this tool in the PandoraF...

Sap hana database

Plugin to monitor a sap hana database, using custom queries.

Plugin inventory Cisco configuration [In construction]

Inventory plugin to display the configuration of a cisco device.

Pandora Imap

Plugin with which you can filter emails and the number of emails that match the filters used.

Pandora Azure Event Hubs

Plugin to monitor an azure Event Hubs namespace.

Pandora AzurePostgresql

Plugin with which to monitor an azure postgresql data server.

MySQL Server Advanced Plugin

Monitoring of MySQL databases on Unix.


Oracle VM enterprise plugin

This plugin allows to obtain data from an Oracle VM virtualization environment, generating agents for each of its elements and ...

HPVM HP Virtualization Manager monitoring

This plugin allows you to monitor HPVM virtualization machines. It is launched as an agent plugin, generating in parallel one m...

DB2 monitoring

The main aim of this document is to describe the DB2 systems monitoring based on Unix. Some “base” modules have been chosen ...

Elasticsearch monitoring

Plugin for ELK server monitoring, last revision 17/04/2019. ELK is a set of tools composed by Elasticsearch (Lucene based se...


This plugin allows to obtain monitoring data from a RabbitMQ environment. The information is obtained via web through the Ra...


This plugin is used to monitor a Synology device via SNMP checks

Plugin Kemp Loadmaster

Plugin to get performance statistics from Kemp Loadmaster


Plugin to collect weather data and display them in PandoraFMS.

Google sheets

This plugin extracts the values of a cell, column or row from a google sheet document.


With this plugin you can interact with all the pushover messaging API options to send messages to devices. These options are: t...


The plugin displays the performance metrics of producers and consumers.


Plugin to monitor proxmox, being able to extract API data from nodes, backups, virtual machines, lxc containers and storage.

db2 remoto

Plugin with which you can monitor DB2 databases, being able to execute customized queries.


Plugin with which to monitor aerospike


Plugin to remotely pull metrics data from informix.

SNMP remote

The purpose of this document is to describe the basic monitoring of windows and linux computers via snmp remotely using a serve...


Plugin to monitor SingleStore databases


This document describes the SAP functionality of PandoraFMS discovery.


Plugin to monitor VMWare, being able to get data from datacenters, datastores, exsi hosts, virtual machines and switches.


This document describes the MySQL functionality of PandoraFMS discovery.


This document describes the SQL Server functionality of PandoraFMS discovery.


This document describes the Oracle functionality of PandoraFMS Discovery.


This document describes the DB2 functionality of PandoraFMS discovery.


This document describes the Xenserver functionality of PandoraFMS discovery.

Google Cloud Platform Compute Engine

This document describes the Google discovery functionality of PandoraFMS.

Azure Microsoft Compute

This document describes the Azure Microsoft Compute functionality of PandoraFMS discovery.


This document describes the AWS S3 functionality of PandoraFMS discovery.


This document describes the AWS EC2 functionality of PandoraFMS discovery.


This document describes the AWS RDS functionality of PandoraFMS discovery.


This document describes the PostgreSQL functionality of PandoraFMS discovery.

Test Environment

This document shows how to create a test environment with simulated data loading. Contains configuration files and small script...


This document describes the Kubernetes functionality of PandoraFMS discovery.


This document describes the Proxmox functionality of PandoraFMS discovery.


This document describes the SQLServer functionality of PandoraFMS discovery.


This document describes the OVH functionality of PandoraFMS discovery.

Quick Start (Cloud)

Migrator from elasticsearch to opensearch

CLI utility to migrate an elasticsearch environment (PandoraFMS v773 and earlier) to opensearch (PandoraFMS v774 onwards)

Plugin ssh inventory

Plugin to launch commands in switches and show their output in PandoraFMS


Datasource that enables the possibility of obtaining your PandoraFMS metrics in Grafana.


Plugin to subscribe to an MQTT topic and receive messages, based on filters and message text formatting.


This document describes the PandoraFMS discovery Openshift functionality.


Plugin to monitor Wildfly (Jboss) and visualize the data in PandoraFMS.

Exchange mail filter

Plugin with which you can filter emails and the number of emails that match the filters used.


Plugin to integrate collectd with Pandora FMS.

Dynamic snmp

With this plugin you can perform dynamic SNMP scans.

Selenium 4

This document describes the Selenium 4 functionality of PandoraFMS discovery.

Digital Ocean Discovery

This document describes the Digital Ocean functionality of PandoraFMS discovery.

Google Drive

The function of this plugin is to monitor the occupied space and the last change of a file.