• User experience monitoring

Why wait till your client complains?

UX monitoring reproduces your customers’ experience, giving you valuable insight into what works and what could be improved.

monitorizacion experiencia usuario

UX experience monitoring


See where problems are occurring with network visualizations; easy-to-read graphic screenshots of your network.

Get precise feedback on how long each step of your customer’s engagement with your platform takes.

Create UX monitoring via an activity recorder, and modify it a posteriori, if necessary.

Every five minutes, 24×7, 365 days a year Pandora FMS performs a sweep of your entire system, irrespective of geographical location; it’s 100% decentralized.

Monitor from your mobile device- Smartphone, Tablet or laptop – or from your desktop PC, or Mac.

It uses the same software, the same network, and the same IT environment as your customers’, recreating the same conditions to give a true reflection of your customers’ experience.

Available for both WEB and desktop application transactions

Our philosophy is flexibility, and adapting to the needs of our clients so you can better server yours. That’s why we offer both WEB and “heavier” desktop versions and, if that’s not enough, a combination of the two.

Check the contents of any file copied from a network folder.

Log in to an application (with user and passsword), place an order, and check that the transaction is carried out successfully.

Open an application, enter a query and check that the reply arrives on time, and correct.