user experience monitoring mockup - User experience monitoring

Detect errors before your clients do

You will be able to execute the same actions as any other user on your client’s application and check that it works as expected, in a very simple and user-friendly way.

Integrated User Experience Monitoring

If there is a problem, you will be able to see where it occurred using a screenshot.


You will be able to know how long the processes take as a whole and in every step, detecting bottlenecks.

You can have access from different locations, as it is a fully decentralized process.

You will be able to create the user experience test with a recorder, without having to code anything.

You will use the same software and data network as your clients, since these are not simulations, but real transactions.

Get user experience monitoring from any platform: desktops, servers or raspberrys.

No limitations and no additional costs

It works with SSL


SLA reports, graphs, dashboards and alerts



Flash and Java



No extra modules and no additional licenses


Native desktop applications


Integrated user experience in monitoring


Do you need a solution to monitor your business?