• Transport and logistics sector

Issues facing the transport and logistics sector


Operating in a sector with minimal profit margins, with efficiency as a defining USP.

Exhaustive KPI control requirements to optimize processes.

Requires monitoring of virtual and real-world elements; not only servers and devices, but also delivery vehicles and packages, and from the same tool.

Requires infrastructure-status feedback, plus data on products and logistics, all in real time.

The lack of homogenous, sector-specific systems means relying on ad-hoc systems which, moreover, employ complex technology and are difficult to learn to operate.

Different views for different departments, showing the interesting data for each department.


Using data drawn from User Experience and KPIs, Pandora FMS can predict trends, based on an accumalation of real-world information and warn ahead of time of deviations or anomalies. In the case of incidents, Pandora FMS can also offer diagnostics and solutions before your incident can impact your business or third-parties. Pandora FMS can be relied upon to execute business transactions (Office 365, EDI, AS2, FTP, etc.), and integrate warehouse (WMS), and transport (TMS) systems, offering total control of SLAs at all levels, and allowing clients to see the status of their transaction in real time.

Pandora FMS’s flexibility means it can be integrated into already-existing, third-party systems, and monitored from a single control panel. All this, while still being one of the most price-competitive solutions on the market, both in terms of licenses and implementation costs.

Advantages of Pandora FMS in the transport and logistics sector

Cost reductions

Operating cost reductions of up to 25%.

Large infrastructures

Monitor fleets of thousands of vehicles.

Real-time monitoring

Monitor your system infrastructure and your business processes in real time.

Incident prevention

Se han implementado procesos de inferencia para prevenir problemas originados en los vehículos.

100% integration

Integrate complex software such as EDI into your system monitoring.

Client experiences

“These robots register times and, in case deviations appear, generate alarms that are duly tended to by specialized technicians from our UAS (User Aid Service) 24/7. This allows us to always face issues before they bring actual consequences.”
José Luis Santamaría CTO at Salvesen Logística
“Ártica ST offers good technical support, as well as the services to develop modifications or to adapt the system in order to use all the features needed by us.”
Ignacio Uría Echevarría EMT
“With Pandora FMS we’ve been able to very quickly deploy transactional business monitoring”
José Luis Santamaría CTO at Salvesen Logística

Some of our clients in the sector


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