• Service oriented monitoring

“The better you look, the more you see.”


Better to find the $50,000 problem than the $50.

Detect the cause of the problem

We’ve all had the experience of being on one end of a complaint or the other, and that’s not a bad thing. Customer complaints are a kind of business-world wake-up call; improve your service or suffer the consequences. If it’s you receiving a customer complaint about a service malfunctioning then getting to the bottom of the problem is imperative but also requires time. Where is the problem? In the hardware? The network? In the OS or on an application?

Service oriented monitoring

Service map

With Pandora FMS you can visualize your IT infrastructure along with all your services on customizable maps, which enable you to see different views of your services. No-one knows your business better than you which is why there’s no magic automatic model/template for your business that does the work for you. With Pandora FMS you can map your services in record time.

Service oriented monitoring

Benefits of the service oriented monitoring

Reduces downtime

Searching through your IT network for the cause of a system failure is like looking for a needle in a haystack, and Pandora FMS is a high-power electromagnet.

Allows the operations team to prioritize their tasks

Identifying the critical components of each service.

Monitorización orientada servicio

Gives the IT department a better understanding of the business

What the critical elements are and how they interact.

Provides business managers a way to easily comprehend the infrastructure that supports their service

Seeing how it all fits together.