There’s always a Pandora FMS version tailored to your needs:

Pandora FMS Community version

Pandora FMS Community

Get started with Pandora FMS Community! This free, feature-rich version lets you monitor your IT infrastructure without breaking the bank. Need a hand? Our vibrant community forum is your support hub for installation, configuration, and troubleshooting. It’s open source power at your fingertips!

Pandora FMS Free version

Pandora FMS Free

Pandora FMS Free is your gateway to powerful IT monitoring, limited only by the amount of agents. You get all the same features as the Pro version, perfect for smaller setups. Monitor your critical devices and applications with ease, keeping your IT operations running smoothly – all without overspending.
Pandora FMS ONE version

Pandora FMS ONE

Dive headfirst into the full potential of Pandora FMS with our free 30-day trial! There are no limitations on monitored agents. From network performance to application health, get a complete picture of your IT landscape before you commit. Don’t miss out – your monitoring trial awaits here!

Pandora FMS Open Source

Pandora FMS Community code will always be free and open, available for everyone to use for production, learning or forking the code.

Since our beginnings in 2004, the code has been published using the GPL2 license so that we make sure it is free.

Support is given by the community and we encourage you to participate, whether creating code, detecting bugs or helping other users.

Pandora FMS Open source


Lines of code realized in more than 5.4k commits thanks to our +30 contributors

OpenSource version updates from 777 version onwards will be carried out through our public code repository at Github. 

Pandora FMS OpenSource installation can be done manually, as indicated in our technical documentation, however we recommend you to do it by using the automatic installation scripts based on GitHub for deployment.

At Sourceforge you may find all the packages from all releases of the last decade.

Install Pandora FMS Community through an online source:

Docker installation

You need to have docker and docker compose installed.

mkdir $HOME/pandorafms; cd $HOME/pandorafms
docker-compose -f centos8-docker-compose up

Learn more in Docker hub’s project website.

Installation from Github code

EL8 (rockylinux8, rhel8)

curl -SsL | bash

EL9 (rockylinux9, rhel9)

curl -SsL | bash

EL7 (centos7) (legacy)

curl -SsL | bash

Ubuntu (22.04 LTS)

curl -SsL | bash


SourceForge is a collaborative website for software projects that sees nearly 30 million users per month looking for, and developing, open source softwares.

Download Pandora FMS: Flexible Monitoring System
Pandora FMS awards by Sourceforge

An effort of all our team, users and customers that make Pandora FMS improve day by day. This is a recognition of our entire trajectory and shows that Opensource is still alive and that we are one of the leading and pioneering projects in Europe.

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