• Pandora FMS Monitoring System

    A monitoring system that adapts to any scenario

Pandora FMS Monitoring System

Pandora FMS has positioned itself as one of the best monitoring systems thanks to its large flexibility and adaptation capacities to any environment. With Pandora FMS you can monitor:


  • Large CPDs composed of multiple databases, devices on different operating systems, applications from different developers, all types of servers and networks with any level of complexity.
  • Event venues that need to know room temperatures, active or flawed monitors and projectors, status and function of electric curtains, etc.
  • Restaurants and their cash registers, monitoring order flows in real time.
  • Hotel reservation processes of which we can know the income generated from them, in real time.
  • Logistics business processes; to show the distribution process and detect inefficiencies and issues before they generate real problems, in real time.

These examples are just a few of the things that demonstrate that Pandora FMS is a flexible monitoring system. 

Why choose Pandora FMS?

Apart from the type of system you may wish to monitor, Pandora FMS will be able to adapt to it and not only give you the vision you need, but also it’ll be able to grow alongside your company and its needs.

  • Pandora FMS is capable of integrating all types of elements or components in its monitoring.
  • You’ll be able to monitor up to 100,000 elements with the same server.
  • You can establish geolocation on your components.
  • Dashboards and panels are highly customizable and can be adapted to each user profile. We know that a CEO doesn’t need to see the same things as a network administrator.
  • Integrate all your systems on the same tool.

Want to know more about our monitoring system?

We’d be delighted to show you Pandora FMS at work and to tend to any questions. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We’ll never sell or give your private data to third parties or companies.