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For all kinds of environments

We know for a fact that a company with three servers doesn’t have the same needs as one with five hundred. Our support team is focused on guaranteeing a service continuity and offering backup to technical teams that manage Pandora FMS.

We have experience in all kinds of companies in places as diverse as Spain, Europe, the United States and Asia. If you need to achieve the maximum quality and experience in your services, and you need to be supported, who better than the team that develops Pandora FMS?

Professional Support

Community support is great, but in a productivity-based environment, you may need faster and more professional help. In case of an actual bug in the system, we can correct it and update the software in a fraction of the time that a traditional software vendor would take.

If you are currently a customer, you can access our support center from here

Faster and more professional support

Tended to by the people who create Pandora FMS.

24/7 Support

Because we understand what it means to maintain a 24/7 service.

Pandora FMS Support levels

Problem solving support

Support level Enterprise 24×7
Nº. of incidents per year Unlimited Unlimited
Support Web Access Yes Yes
Telephonic support No 24×7
Max Response time (*) 4hr Immediately
Emergency response No Yes


(*) Immediate problem solving cannot be guaranteed. We guarantee the acknowledgement, acceptance, revision and analysis of the incident, in the aim of providing the solution in the shortest time possible.

Consultative support

Support level Enterprise 24×7
Remote Troubleshooting Yes Yes
Performance Tuning Yes Yes

Additional benefits

Support level Enterprise 24×7
Upgrade to the latest version Yes Yes
Security updates Yes Yes
Priority in development Yes Yes
Beta access program Yes Yes
Access to the Enterprise Plugin Library Yes Yes