Support & Services

Do you offer consulting services to support deployment?

Yes, we offer face-to-face or remote consulting services. These services can be the type “closed project (turnkey)” or by bags of hours. We start from part time to the possibility of having a technician specialized in Pandora FMS in the long term.

What kind of support is available?

The license includes 8/5 technical support through our ticketing tool.
Optionally we offer 24/7 support services with a dedicated phone.

Do you make custom plugins?

Generally when we support a Pandora FMS deployment we adjust existing plugins or develop new plugins at the request of our customers. We also help you adapt your scripts to work with Pandora FMS.

Is there a limit of incidents for support?

There is no limit of incidents or queries.

Can I buy support for the Open Source version?
We have support packs for a limited number of incidences, regardless of whether it is for the Open Source version or for the Enterprise version. You may buy them here.
Does technical support include remote assistance?

The support team will do their best to fix the problem. If it is necessary for a support technician to enter your systems, we can do so, as well as put our development team to work on solving as soon as possible any failure that affects you directly. However, technical support does not include administration or maintenance tasks. For consulting support you may hire separate packs of hours for systems consulting

What can I do if I need help with a migration from other software or a complex update of Pandora FMS?

You may hire a bag of consulting hours with our team. This helps us both to study the problem and for the development of small necessary scripts and, of course, the action -remotely- in their computers.