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Food to sample, taste and above all to share

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Data Pandora

“We chose Pandora FMS because it is flexible and adapts to a heterogeneous company like ours. It has been easy for us to adapt the tool so that it meets our needs.”

Enrique Suárez Pérez. Responsable de Administración de Sistemas de Fripozo S.A.

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Fripozo S.A is the holding company of Grupo Fuertes, a Spanish company dedicated to the production and commercialisation of frozen food. With a philosophy based on innovation it has positioned itself in modern distribution and catering with a wide range of ready meals. In order to achieve this, they have the latest technology and a committed and motivated team to satisfy their customers, in order to make their lives easier.

The company was founded in 1989 and has since been adapted to new ideas and challenges. Fripozo S.A is currently the largest direct supplier of frozen food in the Spanish catering and hospitality industry and it has been recognised as the third most purchased company by Spanish consumers.

With the goal of expanding their business around Spain, Fripozo S.A has set itself the goal of internationalization of the company, this way making the leap to the British market with plans for implementation in other countries in Europe and Latin America.


In 2007 Enrique Suárez Pérez (Head of Systems Administration) found the need to monitor from a central console the growing, and increasingly heterogeneous technology park of servers and communications of Fripozo S.A. There was no centralized monitoring scheme, systems were not controlled, and every time a device went down, they didn’t know about it until someone noticed. It was necessary to discover faults and correct them as soon as possible as this could mean a bad service of the systems department for the rest of the company.

Enrique Suárez Pérez detected two main problems that needed to be solved with a single tool:

check  It was necessary to monitor and control a heterogeneous infrastructure with servers with different operating systems, devices from various manufacturers, different systems, communications, custom applications from manufacturers, web, etc.

check  Flexibility was a key requirement, so that when needing to monitor something specific, then this could be done in the shortest time and with local resources without having to hire experts.

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“Pandora FMS is a good solution. It is based on a well thought out idea. I like it. It is not perfect, but it perfectly covers our needs. I would highlight among its features: the flexibility. We discovered a range of unthinkable possibilities that have helped us improve the internal processes.”

Enrique Suárez Pérez. Head of System Administration of Fripozo S.A.


In the systems department of Fripozo S.A, they tested the Open Source version of Pandora FMS. Although it was an early release, with features that were not included in the product, Pandora FMS exceeded expectations, satisfying their needs and Fripozo S.A then hired the Enterprise version.

The project started with a few servers and network elements. Once implemented the solution the results were so good that it became a project and expanded its scope beyond the usual thing in this type of tools.

Enrique Suarez took advantage of the implicit Pandora FMS flexibility for custom developments from Fripozo S.A that carry out monitoring and those procedures that are not predefined with Pandora FMS, such as:

check  The control of toner in printers and automatic orders. In fact, they disposed the default factory setting tool of the printers.

check  Management of time clocks.

check  Integration with the storage arrays, thanks to Pandora FMS alerts, monitoring and the management of technical services from different suppliers.

check Control of the UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies) and its functioning in the event of possible power outages.


One of the most remarkable aspects was the ease of implementation, functioning and management of this measure. In fact, these were conducted from the Systems Department in Fripozo S.A, without the need of specialized consultants in Pandora FMS.

If Fripozo S.A were to face the same situation, they would make the same decision. In the words of Enrique Suárez Pérez, the only thing that would change is that we would hire formal training to train the internal staff in Pandora FMS. Although the documentation is very good, the official training is essential to know all the features of the tool.


Thanks to Pandora FMS, Fripozo S.A. has achieved cost savings and an improved service. This is due to shorter time in failure detection (which means that systems are less idle), along with a reduction in the time it takes for an operator to detect such failures.

The Systems department got full control of the technology park of Fripozo S.A and also an increase of internal SLAs, this way they were able to focus on the administration of systems without having to worry about detecting failures this way they were able to anticipate things.

They have also discovered a multitude of business processes apart from pure and hard monitoring that could not have been carried out in a different way. Thanks to these, internal processes have been considerably improved.


According to Enrique Suárez Pérez, they are considering extending the use of Pandora FMS to the company Grupo Fuertes. This is a larger environment in which it is necessary to integrate new services, which will need further adjustments to continue to meet the monitoring needs.
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Ártica PFMS is an innovative company that develops its own technological solutions, including Pandora FMS, Integria IMS and eHorus.

Pandora FMS is one of the most flexible IT monitoring tools on the market. It has thousands of users around the world, with customers in all sectors and it is present in more than 50 countries around the world.

“Thanks to Pandora FMS we have managed to improve the productivity of the IT department. We now feel reassured, since we know the state of the devices at all times. Moreover, it has improved the operation and communication with the other departments.”

Head of System Administration of Fripozo S.A.

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