Business Process Monitoring

Business process monitoring

Business monitoring allows the CIO and CEO to view what is happening in their company in real-time. In order to achieve this, they need to answer questions such as: is the customer receiving the data on time? Does the data arrive in the expected format? What part of the process is taking longer than usual? When processing is done per item, can we detect any items that are trapped or pending to be processed? Has the process received more errors than usual?

How we do it?

To monitor a business, you must understand it first. That is why, when we offer our business process monitoring solution, we also offer a highly specialized product and a consulting service that draws on our experience in monitoring and business intelligence (BI).  We work with the teams of your company who understand your business best, and we look for the source of information and the rules that make the data meaningful. We use our technology so that this information is collected automatically and periodically, thus feeding what will be the control panel of your business.

What we can offer

A dashboard designed by you that will provide vital data for your business, with no scheduled updates or deadlines to obtain information. This data will be up to date, available 24/7 and accessible from anywhere: your office, at home, on any phone or tablet. You can also set alerts to warn you of any anomalies.

Do you need a monitoring solution for your business?