How to boost your team’s productivity? Find it out

IT teams are essential for many companies to work. And, although due to the nature of their work they have certain features, you should not forget that, after all, they are human teams, so they have similar characteristics to those of any other group.

The sensible thing, then, is to remember that if you want your IT team to work to the fullest, you must be able to optimize several of the aspects involved in its performance, both the characteristics of the IT field and more general ones. Would you like to know how to boost your team’s productivity? How about seeing some tips to achieve it?

Some tips on how to boost your team’s productivity

Define the team’s objectives clearly

It is a general tip, but essential. No group can work aimlessly, and the IT team is no exception.

Both at group level as well as individual level, your employees will need you to define their objectives clearly. And even more: don’t forget to outline them at different time frames: short, medium and long term. That will make things much easier.

Improve internal communication

Good internal communication is essential in order to improve coordination and make information flow. In addition, when it comes to the internal communication of the IT team, there is a double challenge.

  • On the one hand, one way on how to boost your team’s pproductivity is by sharing ideas and solutions.
  • On the other hand, good communication between the IT department and the rest of the company will allow their work to get highly aligned with the actual needs, so that their work activities will have more value.

In addition, nowadays there are no excuses for not using the multiple tools that we have at our disposal to improve internal communication. From classics such as meetings or emails to more specific means, such as internal chats or helpdesk systems, there are many solutions that can make your task easier.

Automate processes

No one better than you knows when it can and cannot be done. Automation allows you to devote resources to other tasks, which is another way of how to boost your team’s productivity. Remember that automation possibilities are increasing and are among the usual offers of many cloud service providers, so you will have many different options to choose from.

Feedback is important

Horizontal communication is important, but you can’t forget vertical.

Your employees must know not only the main lines of their work, but also if what they are doing corresponds to what is expected from them. Have they done well? Don’t get shy, say it. Good words are motivating and direct a job well done. Were there any mistakes? Say it too. Carefully and politely, it is not about humiliating or intimidating, but about correcting bad practices so that they do not happen again. Feedback guides and is also a good way to exchange impressions, so don’t forget about it.

Work flexibility

Today, work flexibility options are pretty diverse. From flexible hours to remote working, there are multiple solutions that are ways how to boost your team’s productivity and make them value their job even more.

In addition, due to the particularities of working in IT teams, it is usually quite feasible to introduce these types of options, so give it a thought.

Set incentives

We are all human beings, right? And human beings like to see their work rewarded in tangible ways (good words are positive and necessary, but they do not feed you). So don’t forget to set specific incentives that motivate your team and reward them for a well done job.

Extra pay, salary increases, bonuses, days off, paid vacations… There are many ways to do it. You can link them to goals achieved or productivity increases, for example. Think carefully about how to do it and it will be a win-win situation.

Think about professional development

The IT sector is highly competitive, there are multiple job offers and people who work in the sector often have options to change companies if their expectations for professional growth are not met.

That is why it is so important that you make development possible within your company. Both at job and remuneration levels as well as task level, a job that enables professional development will be highly valued and will help productivity increase.

Give your team the right tools

Because there are tools and tools. Working with the wrong instruments can cause frustration and loss of performance for any professional, and people on the IT team will be no exception.

Also, in the IT market… like there’s no different profits! Fortunately, you are in a sector where there is a wide variety of tools that will make your team’s work easier and will make it more productive for you.

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