What problems do MSPs and integrators face?

The need to connect to inaccessible networks and to environments where the installation of agents is not feasible.

Great segmentation based on the types of service provided and their customers.

Monitoring networks of different regions and from different owners, and unifying everything in a single tool.

Heterogeneous systems and infrastructures.

The need for a support that allows to self-provision and display customized views for each client.


The need for systems that support a large scaling by adding large networks in a short period of time.

Main achievements in service providers monitoring

Thanks to us, service providers (MSPs) can guarantee the infrastructure monitoring of all their clients from one point, the Metaconsole.

We also managed to monitor huge national entity networks in public and private institutions.

Pandora FMS is well known for being flexible when monitoring the user experience of our clients in this sector.

Advantages of Pandora FMS in MSP and integrator implementations


Monitoring inaccessible networks

Through your Satellite Server and its agents in proxy and broker mode, you can monitor inaccessible networks and devices that do not allow agents. In addition, you will be able to ensure the security of communications and information transferred.


Client satisfaction

Increase client satisfaction while reducing costs with Pandora FMS.

MSP monitoring

Fully customizable

Manage very large, distributed environments. ACLs for user groups and roles, dynamic data visualization, programmable multi-format reports and scaling of alerts.


Monitoring large environments

Monitor over 15,000 devices.

Our clients’ experiences

‘Being a small player in the sector means we often can’t invest in expensive commercial products. Pandora FMS is just what we were looking for’.

Glen Eustace

Director of Godzone Internet Services.

‘Pandora FMS brings us closer to our resellers and our final users, allowing us to offer a next-generation service. We consider Pandora FMS to be an indispensable product for our growth and evolution’.

Morten Kolind

CEO, Rantek A/S

Some of our clients

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*For confidentiality reasons, some of our clients are not listed here.

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