monitorizacion de servicios marana - Service oriented monitoring


Identify the key problem within the technological mess. Because it’s better to find the €60,000 mistake than the €30 one.

Detecting the cause of the problem

Service-oriented monitoring creates a bridge between technology and business. Thus, it allows to identify where the root of the problem lies in the whole technological tangle of your infrastructure.

esquema monitorizacion orientada servicio - Service oriented monitoring

Service Map

There is no tool that automatically generates a model, since no one knows your business better than you. With Pandora FMS, you can obtain a customized view of all the infrastructure that supports your business with service maps.

Monitorizacion orientada servicio captura 3 1024x422 - Service oriented monitoring

Benefits of service-oriented monitoring

Reduce service downtime intervals

Although service maps are complex, they allow you to easily detect problems.

Prioritize tasks

Identify the critical components of each service to establish the priority of tasks for your operations team.

Monitorizacion orientada servicio captura 1 360x311 - Service oriented monitoring

Make information easy to understand

Make it easy for your business department to understand the technology that supports the service.

Role of IT

Discover which areas of your business are critical and how they interact with each other, so that IT better understands their role in the company.

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