Remote control integrated in the monitoring framework

Remote control for servers and desktop

eHorus is a remote control solution to access to computers. You can use it along with Pandora FMS to monitor on demand by remotely accessing your Windows, Linux or Mac computer. It works on-premise or SaaS (Cloud based).

Integrate monitoring and remote control in the same console

Pandora FMS agents detect eHorus and use it to automatically add the remote control option to Pandora FMS agent view, allowing to manage the computer remotely. You can have remote control of all your servers monitored with Pandora FMS in a comprehensive way and completely integrated in its interface.

And remember, you can do everything with just a web browser, from anywhere!

A single tool to control all your equipment

Remote desktop control

Access the remote desktop as if you were sitting in front of it. The eHorus IP geolocation system in the cloud allows you to use the nearest server so that latency times are as fast as possible. If you use eHorus on-premise you won’t notice any difference from actually being in front of your computer.

Remote File transfer

Upload files to your remote machines or download them from your browser in the background, while you are working with the machine.


Remote control of system processes

You can stop processes and services running in the remote system just by clicking a button from your browser. You can view CPU usage sorted by process, memory, and overall system status.

Windows, Linux and Mac

eHorus agent runs with Pandora FMS agent, in Linux, Windows and Mac. This includes servers (without desktop UI) and workstations. This is also perfect to remote control raspberry boxes.

Remote Shell

Solve problems much faster from a remote shell. You will have direct access through your browser with remote systems running Windows (any version), Mac or Linux (major distros supported). You will not need to launch a separate tool, just access the remote shell using your browser.

Share access

Temporarily share remote access to your systems to third parties through a URL. eHorus is an easy to use tool with which you can share your files in a comfortable and fast way.

On-premise version for business

On-premise version for business

Take remote control of your servers and workstations, and do it not only by monitoring, but by managing all the systems from the same console.

Install all eHorus components on your own infrastructure and manage thousands of machines and devices for less than what you may think.

The licence model is based on the number of devices you want to manage. Existing Pandora FMS clients are elegible for special discounts.

eHorus is more than just a remote control tool

Universal remote access

You can access it remotely from any computer you have available. eHorus is a practical tool, simple and immediate, which will spare you any additional installations.

Do not worry about firewalls or proxies

From any machine with internet access you can connect wherever you are since eHorus agents communicate with our servers.

Flexible and inexpensive

Forget about renewing licenses, counting how many users access your computers, and paying in advance. The payment is stipulated according to the use of this remote control.

From any online device

Smartphone, tablet, KDE Linux, Mac or even a smart TV: you’ll be able to access any device with an internet browser.

How safe it is this remote control?

How safe it is this remote control?

Double authentication system to have your account protected.

Unique private password per computer.

Even if there are users who know your ID, only those with authorized access will be able to access your system.

Availability of detailed history of all connections and attempts to connect to each computer.

Encryption of all communications with SSL from end to end.

Possibility of restricting access to each computer, you can also ask the user to be in front of the screen to authorize access.

Discover more about eHorus

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