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On-premise plans


After Y1, maintenance is 25% of the license price. Annual payment includes support, Enterprise plugins, updates and access to new versions. Licensed per device with unlimited sensors.

2,625€ 1st year
  • Enterprise edition focused on remote monitoring. It does not include server & APM features. Meant for SME and small network environments.
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3,750€ 1st year*
  • Our all-in-one Enterprise edition: Includes full ITOM, APM and BAM capabilities.
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  • This license includes the Enterprise edition plus Satellite server. Focused on high performance distributed agent-less monitoring with autodiscovery capabilities.
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  • This license includes all the features from the HPDM edition plus the Metaconsole. Designed for multi-tenant environments, it offers self-provisioning mechanisms and report templates. It’s able to manage well over 50.000 devices.
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Pandora FMS edition comparison


Feature Community NMS Enterprise MSPE
Performance & Availability Monitoring tic tic tic tic
Fault & Event Management tic_gris tic tic tic
Event Correlation System tic tic tic
Log Collection tic tic
Centralized Management using monitoring policies tic tic
Certified security updates tic tic tic
Geolocalization tic_gris tic tic
Command line interface management tic_gris tic tic tic
LDAP/AD authentication tic tic tic
Cloud computing and virtualization tic tic
High availability tic_gris tic tic tic
Horizontal scalability (Metaconsole) tic
Service monitoring (BAM) tic tic
Customizable visual console tic tic tic tic
Synthetic Modules (dynamic data creation over existing data) tic tic
History database to store data during long periods tic tic tic
Centralized distribution of plugins tic tic
Recommended capacity limit per server 1000 agents 3000 agents 3000 agents Unlimited
z/OS Monitorization tic_verde tic_verde tic_verde
SAP Monitorization tic_verde tic_verde tic_verde

Agent technologies

Feature Community NMS Enterprise MSPE
Fully featured multi platform agents for Windows, HPUX, Solaris, BSD, AIX and Linux tic tic tic tic
Remote management of software agent configuration (with policies or manually) tic tic
Agents for Android and embedded systems tic tic tic tic
Remote Inventory with or without agents tic tic tic
Centralized virtualization monitoring: Vmware, RHEV, XenServer, HyperV, Azure tic tic
Oracle, Informix, SyBase, DB2, Weblogic, Jboss, Exchange, Citrix, WebSphere monitoring (among others). tic tic

User interface and reports

Feature Community NMS Enterprise MSPE
Skins system for a complete interface customization per user tic tic tic
Role-Based Access Control Levels tic_gris tic tic tic
Enterprise ACL system. Multi tenant, 100% ready for SaaS tic tic tic
SLA advanced reports tic tic tic
Custom dashboards tic tic tic


Feature Community NMS Enterprise MSPE
Network topology detection and autodiscovery tic tic tic
SNMP v3 Monitoring tic tic tic tic
IPv6 support tic tic tic tic
Agentless & decentralized monitoring, remotely managed and with high performance. tic tic tic
SNMP and WMI decentralized monitoring tic_gris tic tic tic
SNMP traps monitoring tic_gris tic tic tic
Dynamic user-customized browsable network maps in a visual environment (Network console) tic tic tic
Hi-Speed ICMP & SNMP Exploration tic tic tic
Transactional WEB Monitoring tic tic tic
Netflow tic_gris tic tic tic
SSH/Telnet console tic tic tic tic

* zOS and SAP monitoring is not included on the Enterprise version license and must be acquired separately.

tic Feature included
tic_gris Feature-limited