Pandora FMS Community

With the Community Edition you can set up your own free, unlimited monitoring solution, ideal for advanced users and small organizations. Thanks to its thousands of pages of documentation and forums you will be able to integrate Pandora FMS in your project.

You can download Pandora FMS Community’s packages from Sourceforge or from our web.

Pandora FMS Enterprise

If you want to get the most out of the monitoring of your business, with advanced functionalities and adapted to the company, request a free trial of Pandora FMS Enterprise. We can help you in a personalized way with a proof of concept that covers all your needs in record time.

Discover the new features included in each update

Downloads Date Link
Package 727 Sep 2018 Descargar
Package 726 Aug 2018 Descargar
Package 725 July 2018 Descargar
Package 724 June 2018 Descargar
Package 723 June 2018 Descargar
Package 722 May 2018 Descargar
Package 721 April 2018 Descargar
Package 720 March 2018 Descargar
Package 719 February 2018 Descargar
Package 718 January 2018 Descargar
Package 717 December 2017 Descargar
Previous versions
Downloads Date Link
Package 716 November 2017 Descargar
Package 715 November 2017 Descargar
Package 714 October 2017 Descargar
Package 713 October 2017 Descargar
Package 712 September 2017 Descargar

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