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Pandora FMS Official Training

We want you to become an expert in Pandora FMS, and that’s why we offer training programs for different user levels, so all our users, from beginners to experts, can get the most out of Pandora FMS.

Check out the Beginner Level Webinars and the Expert Level Official Programs and sign up now!

Expert Level

Our expert programs are crucial for learning how to use Pandora FMS as a pro. Our training and certificated programs are supervised by Ártica TS, and offer the maximum guarantee of quality and standardization.


The PAT program is focused on setup and standard administration. The PAT course requires advanced skills in Linux administration and networking. It lasts for 15 hours (2-3 days). Learn more


The PAE program is focused on advanced setup and customized integration. The PAE course demands a solid knowledge of Linux administration, networking and scripting. PAE lasts for 15 hours (2-3 days). In order to be able to complete the PAE cycle, the PAT certification is necessary first. Learn more


This new modality is now available at a discount price and takes 25% less time. It’s a very good option for people who cannot attend a course or don’t have enough time to complete any of the other training programs fully. Certification upon completion.


This course is perfect for those developers who wish to learn how to incorporate Pandora with third party tools, or develop specific features such as extensions for the console, server plugins, agent plugins or recon plugins. The PAD program lasts for one day and includes a basic analysis of Pandora FMS’s data model. Holding the PAT certificate is an absolute must to complete this program. Learn more


A training program oriented toward operation teams that are going to be working with an already-installed Pandora FMS instance. Basic operation level knowledge is a requirement. Duration: seven hours (one working day).


Each training level provides a knowledge certification level (passing an exam). As the developer and manufacturer, Ártica ST can offer the maximum warranty to back up our training. For further information, please contact us. Write to [email protected] to get more information or to register in our official training PAT/PAE programs.