MCM Telecom Partners up with Pandora FMS to Prevent Technology Infrastructure Failures

Press releases 2021

Mexico-Madrid, May 2021. MCM Telecom, a Mexican company founded in 1996, specializing in complex telecommunications networks, has established an alliance with Pandora FMS for failure monitoring and prevention in client technological infrastructures, among which there are large companies and national and international telecommunications operators. 

MCM Telecom is a large company that provides storage, voice and data solutions for the business environment within the most important cities nationwide. It has as well several metropolitan networks that are interconnected by multiple long-distance links, in addition to having a data center for storage and DRP (business continuity) services for all their clients. 

According to Armando Hernandez, Network Operations Center Manager at MCM Telecom “one of the main benefits of Pandora FMS is that it has been possible to reduce response times to any failure or error. We have been able to automate the response to critical events from our strategic clients, which has allowed us to have better reactive response times. We also got rid of critical events within the network, thanks to improvements in processes and resource management. And the audits for resource validation are now carried out in a more agile way and with more reliable data.”

“Pandora FMS service quality is exceptional. Implementation was done quickly and effectively even though it was done remotely. The Pandora FMS support area offers immediate solutions when asked to correct or clarify doubts about any inconvenience we had.”

 “One of the biggest challenges of companies that provide technological services is to deliver quality services, committing to high SLA percentages (commitment to the level of service quality). This makes it necessary to have the optimal tools for this objective to be met, otherwise it can fall into multiple failures in the network, where the risk goes from increasing the response times to problems reported by our clients, to full network management loss,” highlights Armando Hernandez, Manager of the Network Operations Center at MCM Telecom.

“Our main objective was to have a monitoring software that we could customize according to the needs of everyday life and that will also have the flexibility to manage Voice and Data information.”, notes Hernández, 

Currently, Pandora FMS monitors around 4,000 devices for MCM Telecom, among which there are servers, switches, routers and different network equipment.  MCM Telecom has managed to combine Pandora FMS with other platforms in a transparent way, which has led to a better resource management, minimizing the possibility of the always potentially present human error. Now obtaining information is easier to consult and is obtained directly from the resources that are already under the platform management. Additionally, thanks to Pandora FMS they have been able to detect and notify more than 2,000 incidents on the network, from its implementation until today, allowing immediate responses to any situation.