How to collect all the logs of your organization…
Without going broke!

Collecting logs nowadays is an essential practice to understand the activities and events that occur within your company’s systems and applications.

By using Pandora FMS, you can efficiently track and analyze valuable information found in your logs, allowing you to detect potential problems before they become serious problems. In addition, this practice allows you to comply with privacy and data protection regulations, which minimizes the risk of non-compliance and possible penalties.

“It is not that it is complex to collect this information or store it, no, there are many technical solutions available. The problem is that collecting logs is something that is expensive and complicated, but it is very necessary, and in almost all cases legally required.”

Pandora FMS log collection

The following content will be presented in this document:

1. What are logs?

2. The log problem

3. Technical complexities

4. Typical professional solutions

5.Economic solutions

6. Calculating the cost of ownership (TCO)

7. TCO in licensed software

8. Let’s talk about Pandora FMS

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Data Pandora