Pandora FMS 737 release includes a brand new feature: automated software agent deployment from the console. In addition, the Discovery feature is still being developed, incorporating a new Cloud plugin for Azure. A new SLA reporting feature has also been added with Failover modules and other small enhancements.


Agent deployment from Pandora FMS

Discovery has become a regular in the product sheet. From now on, it will be possible to install and configure Pandora FMS software agents through the console itself to carry out the whole process in an automatic and centralized way. Remotely and with the appropriate credentials, the agents are downloaded and installed on the appropriate machines (Windows and Linux), making its implementation much faster and easier.

agent deployment

search agent

New addition to Discovery: Azure Virtual Machines (Compute)

In order to meet the needs of our customers, Pandora FMS Discovery has incorporated Azure Virtual Machine monitoring, to supervise and control the virtual machines of this service in the cloud easily.

azure compute

New Failover feature

Within the reports section, this new feature has been developed, which consists of calculating SLAs on a module. This will allow o assign failover or backup modules to the main one on which the availability calculation must be performed. When the monitored main module falls, if there are one or more operative backup modules, these will be the ones considered for SLA calculation.


API Call Optimization

In this 737 release, API calls are important once more. The call for the node has now a new option: to add or delete an agent on a policy via API in the Metaconsole.

Business Event Group Report

The possibility of creating new event group reports has been incorporated, in order for you to enter and select their types, as it had been done in the event report agent.

Disable alerts with events in process

From this release on, the flow of alerts can be stopped when the state of the event changes to “in process”. If the event does not change state, which will have to be modified manually, it will follow normal alert operation.

Other improvements

Visual improvements in Pandora FMS console

As in previous releases, the visual improvement of Pandora FMS console is being worked on. This time, several views have been modified, as well as the adding the submenu of the Discovery section. Additionally, certain buttons have been modified to suit the new style of the interface.

General Policy Search

The possibility of locating policies inside the Pandora FMS search bar has been added, both in the node and in the Metaconsole.

Improved authentication using the SAML method

Pandora FMS authentication has been improved using the SAML method. Users will be able to choose which SAML attribute corresponds to each Pandora FMS user parameter.

Improved MySQL Plugin

An improvement has been made within the MySQL plugin, by which requests can be made via SSL to make the connection with Azure.


An error has been fixed by which, at the time of deploying the groups within the agent edition view, the groups came out out of order.

Fixed error by which, if autorefresh was activated in the event view, the filter was not saved, showing the default one.

Fixed error by which, if an agent was enabled by CLI/API it could be modified in console but not in the agent configuration, so it gave a false positive.

Fixed problem that showed erroneous information in some of the macros used in reports.

Fixed visual errors such as loading the graphs at the bottom of the tactical view.

New adjustments and improvements in the SNMP Interface Wizard for the operation with exec_server and the option to choose common and uncommon modules.

Fixed malfunction of the critical event audible alerts.

Fixed problem that made it impossible to see the names of the agents when downloading Metaconsole reports.

Fixed problem of filling fields on a module of the SNMP type of v3 where, when making a SNMPWalk out of it, the fields were not self-filling with the module data.

Fixed error of Metaconsole collections where, if a collection was deleted with centralized mode activated, it was not deleted in the nodes. Additionally, a bug has been fixed, where the agents within the node policy in the Metaconsole with centralized mode were not deleted.