This last update package of Pandora FMS 7.0 NG contains improvements as well as visual changes and includes the resolution of some problems. A list of the most important changes can be found below.

New features and improvements

New HA integrated system

From the NG/724 version, Pandora FMS incorporates a functionality that allows to manage a MySQL Active/Passive cluster completely from the console for its use with Pandora FMS. This way, it will not be necessary to use third-party solutions such as DRBD, Virtualization or other types of hardware solutions.

By means of a virtual IP, it will be possible to have two or more MySQL nodes synchronized so that, in case of failure of one of these, the rest of the nodes can compensate it. This system will also allow to balance the reading load and improve performance in large environments.

whatsnew 724

Time zones according to user

From now on, users of different Pandora FMS consoles can visualize the information using their corresponding time zone.

Each user can now customize their time zone, regardless of the one configured on the console or server.

timezone Pandora FMS release724

New plugin: Docker Swarm

We have a new addition to our plugin family. We have integrated Docker Swarm infrastructure monitoring, which complements the specific monitoring of the applications that run inside each container.

whatsnew 724

New graphics: faster, more aesthetically pleasing and much more useful

In twelve years we have refactored the code of the graphs at least six times, making them much faster and more detailed.

We have increased their resolution, which allows to see the graphs in a detailed way and on demand of each user (through the Zoom parameter). Similarly, their speed is much higher, as they are displayed with the optimal resolution for each range of data.

Through the PhantomJS library we have modified the way PDF reports include graphs to use the same graphs as the console.

New graphs Pandora FMS Release 724

IMPORTANT: If you are using PDF reports with graphs, you will need to install the new PhantomJS library as described in our documentation.


New plugin to control configuration changes of Cisco devices, via SSH.

The security of the API (general review of several functions) has been improved.

Remote inventory script arguments can now be customized with new fields built into the interface.


  • Improved relationship painting in Network Maps, especially in the case of manually defined interface relationships.
  • Corrected the bug in the redirection of links in the visual console of the Meta console.
  • Fixed ACL crashes in custom graphs and reports.
  • Patched the error that occurred when copying data from the history database using pandora_db.
  • Now it is possible to move agents with policies from the Meta Console.
  • CSV export problems have been fixed from the log viewer.
  • Group view uses caching and allows for a remarkable performance improvement.
  • The incorrect position of elements when exporting visual consoles has been corrected.
  • Solved problems with real-time graphs when module names contained non-ascii characters.
  • Detected and corrected the error when filtering by free search field in the event view.
  • We’ve fixed the problem by cloning report templates.
  • Fixed anomalous behavior by deleting groups within policies.
  • Identified and rewritten the coding issue that sometimes existed when creating local inventory modules.
  • The bug in the XEN plugin has been fixed.

Download Pandora FMS

The last updated version of Pandora FMS can be downloaded from the downloads section of our website: