As mentioned in the last release 740, even updates will focus on fixing bugs and odd ones on developing new features and improvements that help all users.

In this release 741, a new Discovery integration has been added to monitor SAP centrally and remotely, a system to report bugs and suggestions, in addition to Omnishell, the first step of Pandora FMS in the world of automation and IT infrastructure management. This update also contains the new log alert correlation system, which is merged with the event alert system.

At the request of many users and clients, an integrated SSH and Telnet console has been incorporated into Pandora FMS, to help all sysadmins to access local computers with a single click. In addition, a new type of remote command execution check has been added for Windows and Unix systems.

Finally, the Metaconsole has also been improved in this update, since now those customers who have it will be able to see millions of events in seconds with noticeable performance improvements.


SSH and Telnet remote access from the console

A new console extension has been added, which will allow any agent with a configured IP to be connected via SSH or Telnet. The QuickShell feature provides a management screen of the new GoTTY subservice where to configure the connection.

Pandora FMS 741 1

New help feedback

A new feedback system has been created so that Pandora FMS Enterprise users can send their opinions, report bugs, make suggestions and comments about the software’s features.

The feedback window will appear in the console of all clients both in the navigation bar and in the documentation help of sections that provide assistance.

Pandora FMS 741 2

Administration and automation through Omnishell

Omnishell is conceived as the first step of Pandora FMS towards IT infrastructure management. This new feature will allow you to define commands or command blocks and select targets to execute commands simultaneously on tens or hundreds of systems at the same time, unattended.

This system will be present in Pandora FMS agents from version 741 onwards, and no changes will be necessary, except for having remote configuration activated. Omnishell is based on communication between the different Pandora FMS components through Tentacle protocol to safely coordinate executions and responses of the commands that must be programmed. Right now, it is only available for Unix environments, but it will also be available for Windows soon.

Pandora FMS 741 3

New alert correlation system for logs

From version 741 onwards, a series of rules can be defined to trigger alerts based on the collected logs. Pandora FMS will be in charge of analyzing logs and in case the previously set rules match, the user will be allowed to perform a response action.

Pandora FMS 741 4

SAP monitoring integrated in Discovery

SAP can now be monitored centrally and remotely with just a couple of clicks from the Discovery tool. In addition, a specific view has been added within agent view, where filters can be established and graphics displayed with the received values.

Pandora FMS 741 5

Pandora FMS 741 6

Pandora FMS 741 7

Remote execution modules

Monitoring modules can be added to remotely execute commands on Windows and Linux systems, so as to not have to deploy agents on remote systems.

To configure this new module, only the connection data against the target must be registered in the safe credential store, without the need for using public keys or extensive configurations, making it easier for users to work.

Pandora FMS 741 8

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Other enhancements

Diagnostic Tools

In this update, the diagnostic tool has been improved in order to assess the current state of the installation and thereby improve Pandora FMS performance.

Monitoring from Pandora FMS initial installation

In the final process of new Pandora FMS installations, a new welcome window will appear, by which users can start monitoring and perform actions such as: creating an agent that contains a module, creating an alert on a module, making a network examination with Pandora FMS Discovery, configuring the mail or sending a comment using the new feedback tool to report a failure or suggestion.

Pandora FMS 741 9

Better performance in Metaconsole events

With this release 741, the time it takes for Pandora FMS Metaconsole event view to load has been reduced. Now, millions of events can be viewed more quickly.

Sample_Agent: the dummy agent for testing

Within update 741, a dummy agent with random data has been added, called Sample_Agent. Its purpose is performing tasks such as network checks, like SNMP, alert launching, graph creation, etc. The code of this agent comes as an extension and is automatically enabled.


  • Fixed Module Groups view issue that allowed access to it regardless of the group the user was assigned.
  • Fixed error where visual consoles were created without data when generated from templates, using the Wizard.
  • Reported performance issue when using module_logevent that blocked the agent when processing large amounts of information. A new method is suggested: log_channel.
  • Fixed error that prevented generating alerts using the agent Wizard in the Metaconsole.
  • Fixed issue inside a dashboard whereby, when adding a custom graph widget and selecting the Gauge stack, it stayed blank.
  • Fixed error of Windows agents that did not send XML files, when the agents were delayed at the start of each interval execution.
  • Fixed bug where a policy with plugins was not added to an agent.
  • Fixed error of access to the scheduled downtime creation screen, when there were specific and customized ACLs to access that menu.
  • Fixed issue in event filter, when the user’s language was in Catalonian.
  • Fixed error by which no event was shown when filtering by warning/critical or critical/normal in the trap console.
  • Fixed bug where, if a PDF report was downloaded, from the HTML view and an initial and final date was established, the date formats were changed.
  • Fixed error by which some minor changes in database fields were missing, when migrating from Pandora FMS 6 to its most current version, Pandora FMS 7.0 NG.

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