Madrid hosted on October 26th and 27th one of the major international cybersecurity summits. 

The fair Cyber Security World has brought together large technology companies, public administrations and references from the IT sector to address the main topics. 

Among them that of cybersecurity

An increasingly analyzed concept that, in the midst of the Ukrainian war, has multiplied its concern among companies and governments.

What do you know about the Madrid cybersecurity summit?

Data hosting in the cloud, the adaptation of the different administrations and the emergence of new solutions are some of the issues addressed by the major players in the sector with the aim of preparing for the new digital era.

“Europe is already on alert for data to not depend on third parties.

It is a maxim both among public administrations and among companies, who may see their systems attacked by hackers or simple computer errors,” 

ensures monitoring expert Sancho Lerena, CEO of the IT company Pandora FMS

The European Commission, in fact, has already set ahead the goal of achieving technological independence by 2030. 

According to the data they provided, 90% of the data of the European Union are managed by American companies

In addition, less than 4% of major online platforms are European. 

An example of this technological fragility is that the European market represents less than 10% in the microchip manufacturing sector. 

“In a couple of years, more than 50% of companies should be using the Cloud,” the expert says. 

The European future of cybersecurity

The challenge for 2030 is to maximize digitisation within the European Union. 

The project Compass Digital, for example, includes multiple investments and objectives, but the sector agrees that many steps must be taken to achieve full cybersecurity nowadays. 

“There are many companies that still have legacy, outdated systems that cannot incorporate the latest security developments,” acknowledges Lerena.

The IT company Pandora FMS is one of those that works with both digital administrations and companies through its monitoring system. 

The concept of monitoring is increasingly widespread in the sector, as it allows the real-time management of all data generated within an IT structure. 

That way, companies achieve greater efficiency and reduce costs.

“This technology not only helps improve the control of data and activity of a platform, it also strengthens security and warns about possible errors to improve reaction time.” 

Explains the head of technology, whose solution is present in institutions such as Madrid Digital, relying on the Comunidad de Madrid, or the EMT

Also, having international giants such as Rakuten or Toshiba shows the importance that this type of technology currently has.

Europe is already looking to 2030 with the intention of extending this digitisation.

Companies are incorporating monitoring systems and strengthening the cybersecurity of their companies.The objective is none other than to prevent European actors from being “well below the EU’s global economic weight” in technologically relevant areas.

Essential for Smart Cities

Cybersecurity will become increasingly important.

Especially considering that the objective of the most developed countries is to implement those known as Smart Cities where technology and data control will be fundamental for the efficient management of cities.

The concept of Smart Cities responds to those cities where, through data analysis and the use of the latest technological solutions, services are more efficient for citizens and do not generate a negative impact either in economic terms or in the environmental field. 

For example, to find out in which areas more waste is generated to improve the garbage service in that area or the management of public transport through citizen accessibility. 

Therefore, the proper processing of these data and their security will be a pillar for the cities of the future

“Without the control of these data, and without technological independence, it will be very difficult to develop these Smart Cities in a stable way”, says Lerena. 

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