Innovation and Monitoring

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Innovation and Monitoring

Data Pandora
Data Pandora

“Thanks to Pandora FMS, we have managed to reach 99.5% of SLA thanks to its early warnings. In addition to its after-sales service, we have made the tool evolve to a degree that we did not believe possible.”

Antonio Flores, Toshiba Retail Support Manager


We provide a complete computing solution to our main hospitality sector clients for their restaurants: boxes, POS, content screens and self-service screens – order kiosks. But not only that, moreover, we offer a solution that goes beyond hardware, together with maintenance and support services. Therefore, a monitoring tool was essential to be up-to-date with the status of all restaurants at all times.

“We have everything under control in all 270 monitored restaurants.“

Our main need was to have sales kiosks controlled, since by being remote machines they are not in continuous contact with the local staff, which means that, if a machine fails, it cannot be fixed immediately.

Previously, we had tested and discarded other monitoring tools, such as IBM, Spiceworks, or Zabbix, but since they were difficult to configure and had no features to trace processes or collect logs, we finally chose Pandora FMS, the right solution hands down.


Today, our Pandora FMS has nothing to do with the very first implementation, at the beginning of 2017. Thanks to its flexibility and high scalability, we have managed to make the software evolve based on our needs that, as in most technological companies, keep changing constantly.

One of the main strengths of Pandora FMS is precisely its after-sales service, as it is conceived as a vital backup when it comes to the constant process of developing our monitoring day by day. It should be pointed out that, unlike other tools we evaluated, the concept of “buying the license and then getting by on your own” does not apply at all to Pandora FMS.





“A tool capable of evolving thanks to its after-sales service.“


Our main objective was – and continues to be – to increase SLAs to the value agreed with our client. With Pandora FMS, we have reached 99.5% thanks to its early warnings. In addition, we have managed to extrapolate monitoring to the rest of the services, granting higher efficiency.

Toshiba, as the big IT company it is, develops its own retail software. Something much easier to control thanks to Pandora FMS, which allows you to monitor your own applications without any issues. In addition, together with the Pandora FMS team, we have worked on the development of more than 10 custom-made plugins, both server-specific and for sales kiosks.

The initial deployment was quite simple and fast. The only complex point was to monitor the check-up of the kiosk updates, since it takes into account databases, logs and a large number of associated monitors. Finally, it could be done with the collaborative work of both teams.

Higher resource efficiency. We have managed to improve the relationship with our main client, optimizing their service quality.

Thanks to early issue detection, they offer a better service and their reputation has increased, as well as their quality compared to their competitors. All the departments of our clients agree that the availability and quality of services in restaurants has improved thanks to this tool. Now we can proudly say that we comply with our SLA, providing excellent service standards.

Currently, and given the success of the tool, we seek to implement Pandora FMS in more stores and we intend to take a leap outside Spain so that Toshiba globally provides the best possible service.

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