As you know, this summer half of Spain has been on drought alert. A consequence, without a doubt, of the extreme summer heat and rain scarcity. 

Andalusia was one of the most affected.

Therefore, companies and public administrations in the area have raised the alarm. Especially because of environmental and economic effects. 

Thank heaven and science, technology experts already point out some solutions to reduce the impact of this type of phenomenon.

Pandora FMS and drought monitoring

Nowadays, many cities go for digital and technological help to improve resource management. 

One of the most popular practices among companies is monitoring. It is known that this can work, without a doubt, as a defense against catastrophes such as the one that devastated Andalusia this summer. 

“Monitoring systems improve the effectiveness of any workforce. And, therefore, their resource management.” 

Indicates Sancho Lerena, general director of the monitoring company Pandora FMS

“Monitoring how reservoirs are falling, the level of rainfall compared to the usual figures, or even finding out whether household water consumption is increasing significantly can help anticipate scenarios such as the current lack of water.”

This type of approach, monitoring, is increasingly used. For now public administrations are adapting, but this is already something common in the business field

Monitoring can reduce the workload in the retail sector by 30%. In addition, it can triple the response time to citizen service. Which, frankly, would be very good for any public administration.

Andalusia and its battle against drought

Andalusia has already referred to the year 2022 as one of the driest of the last 50 years

The Doñana National Park has been one of the most affected scenarios, along with the rest of the reference reservoirs, which are below 11% of flow.

These circumstances are also having a negative economic impact. For the time being, olive oil production in 2022 is expected to be reduced by 50%. The poorest year of the last decade, compared to over one million tons in 2021.

But initiatives to alleviate these problems have already been set in motion, many of them proving the effectiveness of monitoring. 

Malaga, just as any other example, has recently started a test project to monitor the operation of the counters of 8,000 households with older residents or dependents. The administration will be able to identify strange behaviors through this method. Such as families with long periods of inactivity in water consumption or households in which an increase in consumption may be a sign of a resident accident.

And the CSIC is leading a different case focused exclusively on environmental control. A monitoring system that analyzes meteorological drought nationwide, providing experts with additional information to predict the phenomena of the coming months.

This is where Pandora FMS is proposed as the key to measure, for example, how widespread water use is in particular months and therefore predict some measures in case a drought is foreseen during the year.

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