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“With the implementation of Pandora FMS, we have been able to automate our knowledge, reduce diagnostic times to the maximum possible extent and work confidently, without assumptions or unfounded theories.”

Lorenzo Canales, Head of the Monitoring and Infrastructure Service Support Unit of Madrid Digital


Madrid Digital is the Agency for Digital Administration of Madrid region, whose objective is to ensure that the needs of computer equipment, communications, applications and security of the different departments and institutions of this public entity are met, in addition to managing and maintaining the physical and logical equipment for information management.

This agency is in charge of carrying out the digitalization of Madrid Region, providing the best service, information and quality to citizens throughout different platforms and applications.

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From our initial point of view, we needed a monitoring system that could gather all of our required technological information and reliably manage any arosen events. All of this would be applied on a large number of measures ranging from the most common or basic ones in any monitoring system, to more complex or particular ones on our organization, which give shape to a very diverse technological environment: communication electronics, information systems, devices, business processes, synthetic transactions, specific or commercial software, different types of sensors, etc.

In addition, we have managed to integrate Pandora FMS event management with our particular incident life cycle. Pandora FMS is part, as the main automatic actor, of the registry of strategic incidents in our usual workflow platform.

Therefore, our agents do not have to know Pandora FMS, since the event that adds value to a certain department can be viewed and managed in your usual issue console and even trigger phone calls, in case of a service with high availability.

Any large scale IT agency of varied nature can have a very changing life cycle regarding its technologies, which requires constant adjustments and / or evolution in the quality of the metrics. The professional and human cost is overriding and necessary in any monitoring solution, but the flexibility, support and economic cost offered by Pandora FMS (and Ártica PFMS) has fulfilled our expectations against other competitors.

“The motto of Pandora FMS is 100% true, they are flexible without charging you lots of money.“


We were aware that the perception of success in a large organization (regarding monitoring) sometimes generates frustration or an unequal perception depending on each department, so we have tried to go step by step in meeting specific requirements bottom-up. Eventually, this has provided a very accurate vision of the problems, and has prepared us to evolve our technological life cycle when required, “feeding Pandora FMS” with the changing needs of our organization.

With Pandora FMS, we currently monitor more than 500 servers / devices and approximately 120,000 individual metrics. We have a large number of specific collections that are specific to these entities: Tomcat application servers, Weblogic, Jboss; Apache web servers, IIS; cache servers; BBDD SQLSERVER, ORACLE, INFORMIX; commercial products; network electronics, switches, loadBalancing, firewalls; UPS; several sensors; business processes; transactions and use cases; etc.

While we have used features and plugins from the Enterprise version or specific proposals from Ártica PFMS, we have also developed our own solutions,



collections of metrics, scripts and multiple integrations. In that regard, and given the adaptability of the tool, almost 75% of our measurements are born out of plugins and integrations made by ourselves.

In addition, we complemented the entire technology monitoring environment with regular User Experience monitoring through the integration of Pandora FMS with Selenium. As a result, we can integrate our entire issue life cycle for the early detection of any relevant events, so that in a single tool (Pandora FMS) we are able to control all our applications and strategic services, on a large scale and with one level of important automation.

Merging information on service events, added to technological merging, means that the time of diagnosis and recovery of the service has been considerably reduced.

“We have managed to get the most out of Pandora FMS thanks to the set of plugins and Enterprise features and scripts developed by us.“


Indirectly, we have all benefited from it, and particularly, people who come to the region of Madrid or live in it, and who make use of our services on a daily basis. We can say with confidence that we are better prepared to offer higher quality and service availability, and that we have a monitoring platform that allows us to evolve according to the needs of our customers.

Our diagnosis time in face of incidents or
problems has been reduced by 200%, we have consolidated our knowledge of the platform and automated reactive actions for different key events (without the need for human intervention throughout the cycle of service recovery). In addition, we have managed to improve our decision making ability, based on measurements obtained with the implementation of Pandora FMS; backed-up and founded decisions on real findings.

While success in any project is a set of resources, skills and attitudes, we are especially pleased with the level of support offered by Ártica PFMS around its Pandora FMS platform: they are quick to solve any issues, incidents or bugs, and they are completely on the same page with with the needs of the client, which makes them constantly prepared and provides them with endless feedback in face of the constant needs of any IT organization.

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