What Does Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Involve?

Nowadays, regardless of what type of business you run, you probably rely on a number of applications to make it through the day. Applications are key components of many computer networks, meaning it’s important that they function properly and don’t crash or lag. For this reason, many companies invest in application performance monitoring to prevent costly application issues and downtime.

But unless you’re an expert like the team from Pandora FMS, you’re probably wondering specifically how they can help improve your processes. That’s why we’ve gathered some key insight into the uses and benefits of AMP performance monitoring below, so read on!

Why is Application Performance Monitoring so Critical?

In a sense, these days, every business is a digital business. There are rarely companies without a website and most businesses rely on a complex system of servers and computer networks to perform daily tasks, connect with customers, collect data and perform everything else they need to. When it comes to these tasks, performance and speed is critical. We’ve all heard the saying, “Time is money.” If you or a user is accessing a slow site or application with tons of errors, it will cost you time and money, because users will likely go elsewhere.

What Do I Do When My Application is Running Slow?

When you have an application that isn’t up to speed, it can have a drastic effect on your business. Application environments can be extremely complex, including components like Internet of Things devices, ephemeral application architectures, virtual servers, hybrid clouds, mobile app development platforms…the list goes on. So many moving parts can make it difficult for an IT team to keep track of things.

On top of the aforementioned, identifying causes of application performance errors can be very complicated due to the number of interdependencies that exist in application environments. However, there are some things you can consider, such as:

  • What is causing the bottleneck?
  • Is a particular application is running slowly?
  • Are backend processes are being executed properly or not?
  • Does your application have errors?

By connecting a user’s journey with your application and its performance, you can determine when, why and how an application is causing issues. That’s where application performance monitoring comes in!

Application monitoring involves the collection and delivery of real-time data about your application’s performance and your end-users’ level of satisfaction, enabling you to identify issues before they grow out of hand.

What Exactly does APM Involve?

Implementing application monitoring solutions is one of the first steps you can take toward observability, or understanding why certain components within your network are experiencing issues. A strong APM software will comprise the following vital components:

  • Key Business Transactions: One great way to investigate slow-performing applications is by monitoring transaction rates. You can tag key transactions that are crucial to your business and track them or manage them independently. This can provide the necessary visibility across transactions to determine where your application may be placing your customer experience at risk.
  • Code-Level Diagnostics: When an issue is detected, your IT team needs to be able to quickly and easily understand if there’s a coding issue at play. Having code-level diagnostic solutions in your APM software will help developers nail down that particular line or query causing issues ASAP.
  • User-Experience Monitoring: Arguably one of the most important components of application monitoring software, user-experience monitoring is vital to understanding how the user interacts with all the layers of your technology, most importantly web and mobile apps.

It often involves:

Monitoring mobile performance data, including HTTP insights, third-party services, networks, crash diagnostics, and other important data.

Monitoring frontend browser performance to better understand page-load time and errors from the user’s perspective.

Monitoring the performance of every application in your network environment to understand how services and performance are connected throughout your network.

  • Supporting Infrastructure Health: Memory leaks, virtualization bottlenecks and slow connectivity are the key causes of application network problems. Maintaining a close eye on the health of all your system’s supporting infrastructure is important for minimizing application issues.
  • Application Infrastructure Deep Dive: If your application server is working overtime, it’s going to cause your application’s speed to drop, which is why monitoring the infrastructure at the deepest level possible is essential.

Let Pandora FMS be your application performance monitoring provider!

When it comes to keeping your applications running at peak performance levels, Pandora FMS is the software to make it happen. Our tool is easy to use and offers simple licensing capabilities. With a single agent, you can determine whether to collect all instances from an Oracle server or split it into multiple agents. All of the necessary plugins are included in our library under the Pandora FMS license.

Our APM performance monitoring software unifies the monitoring of all of your independent applications, whether they be PaaS, IaaS, or Saas. Pandora FMS also gives you the tools to verify key application metrics and SLAs, and establish customized service maps with the data that’s most important to you.

A Unified Vision

With Pandora FMS, you can manage a wide range of technologies, including networks, servers, virtual infrastructure, user experience, and all of the application technologies that support your business. You can unify vision at a single point and deliver integrated views to each different department.

Our application monitoring solutions offer:

  • Versatility & Power: Our software agents get their information from application logs, CLI, BBDD, API and registers, collecting data directly from the source.
  • A Simple Interface: Both the Pandora FMS console and Metaconsole are designed to function with more than 2,000 agents and are regularly improved and updated.
  • High Scalability: Our APM software is designed with growth in mind, enabling you to replicate what you do in a single environment to thousands of additional environments.
  • Ongoing Support: When you have an issue, you can always contact us. We work with companies located in more than 40 countries around the world and offer customer support services for clients throughout the whole world.

Contact us to learn more today!

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