• Application monitoring (APM)

Application monitoring (APM)

There are a number of tools on the market which claim to be for monitoring application performance, although many of them are late to the table, taking advantage of current trends in IT. That isn’t our case. We’ve been developing and refining our tech for years. We take a three-level approach to system monitoring which allows you to carry out the most complex monitoring at the level of granularity you need.

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Flexible data collection

We know it’s difficult to deploy monitoring in some IT infrastructures and that’s why you establish your requirements, not your provider. There are many ways to get your data, without having to adapt your business to rigid technologies.

UX and performance monitoring

Availability and latency metrics are fine, but the quality of the end-user experience is what you’re really interested in. With Pandora FMS you can monitor your customers’ computer-mediated transactions, and correlate that with application performance monitoring using plugins and agents to quickly resolve any issues.

Performance and application availability

Every application has its own idiosyncrasies. It’s not easy to standardize or compartmentalize what you need to know about Oracle™, or a Microsoft™ Exchange Server. And it’s just as important to offer the right support as it is to get the right software. Our history of consultancy and collaboration with our clients gives you everything you need to steer you through the installation process; our Enterprise application plugins are the result of these collaborations, offering real-world solutions to real-world problems.

DevOps vs Classic systems

Pandora FMS is oriented toward classic production environments. That’s not to say it can’t be deployed successfully in integrated environments where operations and development exist side by side, but our vision is more focused on consolidating complex installations, rather than drilling down for details at application-layer on a limited number of applications.

Emerging and established technologies

We have plugins for the leading established technologies, and for most of the newly emerging ones too.

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