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Aslan 2024

Pandora FMS at ASLAN 2024: April 17-18.
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Remote Control

How to update your PC BIOS

Content: Introduction Accessing the BIOS from Windows Alternatives to using the Windows 10 and 11 method What does UEFI stand for? When should you update your BIOS? How to update your BIOS BIOS Update Considerations Every computer has its BIOS, short for Basic...

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Community, Tech

Translators needed

We need help to finisish translation on several languages for Pandora FMS 4.0 version. Please go directly to our online Translation system at Launchpad: Needed translation in portuguese, german,...


XSS bug fixed

On August 22 Mehdi Boukazoula published a bug related to XSS. You can find more information at: Our developers have been working hard to fix the bug and nowadays we can say this error is fixed both in...