We need you: Usability improvement

December 7, 2011

We need you: Usability improvement

We are working in some usability aspects of Pandora FMS right now. Adding some buttons or info to improve the user experience and facilitate the usage.

If you have some suggestions or ideas about it, do not doubt it, let us know and we will study it.

If you are using Pandora FMS, your opinion is very important.

  1. jan kaufman

    hellowe use pandorafms free version from 2.0. what we still looking for is automated configuration via api/cli which could be defined by configuration management (puppet).we still didn't find any solution (we use v 4.0 now).pls take a look at those notes.

  2. Thank you for your comment, Jan.We are fighting for improve Pandora FMS and is very useful to read recommendations like yours.We're going to study it deeply. If you have more appreciations you are welcome :)

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