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Control remoto

Remote Control

How to update your PC BIOS

Content: Introduction Accessing the BIOS from Windows Alternatives to using the Windows 10 and 11 method What does UEFI stand for? When should you update your BIOS? How to update your BIOS BIOS Update Considerations Every computer has its BIOS, short for Basic...

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Japanese community

For Japanese users! Because the 3.1 RC1 had been released, using the Pandora FMS is becoming easy in Japanese environment. So, I introduce some Japanese information. A Japanese forum had been created. (Thanks to Sancho.)...

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Bug #3000000

In sourceforge, the numeration on bugs system for a project is a unique id. Is the total number of bugs in sourceforge. Today, in Pandora FMS project, a bug has been created with Id 3000000: Congratulations Pandora FMS!! After this senseless...