Do you know these tech magazines? Let’s have a look

It’s possible that your cravings for knowledge go farther than the best issues of National Geographic. You need to satisfy your most practical and technological side and you no longer know which friend in the sector to ask or which mobile phone or home appliance store to go to in order to get information about the latest trends. Relax, this list has arrived, here we have some of the best tech magazines on the market.

Tech magazines: Byte

Byte magazine is a monthly computer magazine that also functions as a portal for computer and technology news. As we will see, many of these magazines have had to go online to survive this new era in which a screen is worth everything.

Byte is focused on the area of professional computing, and includes everything from the latest information and communication technologies to new hardware, software and services.

One of their strong points, which will come in handy, is the exhaustive analysis of products and the comparisons they offer. In them they examine different devices of the same rank to give us a detailed report of their qualities. At the same time, they will give us a recommendation about the best option among all of them.

Byte is also composed of extensive reports and interviews, more trends and all kinds of technological information of interest.

Tech Magazines: Computer Hoy

Since its inception in 1998, Computer Hoy has been the best-selling technology magazine in Spain.

There’s room for everything in it. They put the edge on technology in all its present time, the vast world of the Internet, new gadgets, the lifestyle spent by the most techno-addicts, and those wearables we’ve always wanted to have.

Among its best sections we have “Entertainment”, “Gaming”, “Motor”, “Industry” and “Products”. In each one of them they review in depth the central theme on which they are based.

Tech Magazines: ComputerWorld

Computerworld is a quite international and very complete magazine. Its target audience is information technology (IT) professionals and business technology professionals.

It is published in countries around the globe and does so with the same name (or at least a similar one). Its publisher is International Data Group.

As readers we can find ComputerWorld in both print and online editions. In addition to this, the magazine is also known for organizing several professional conferences, where you can get first-hand information from their great rapporteurs.

Technology magazines:

NetMediaEurope is an online IT-themed publishing house. This editorial can be found in more than eight countries around the world. In these more than eight countries we can find, in turn, 25 sites that tell us about information technologies and what you can refer to them.

The site we know in Spain is This website takes us into the main business segments of the technology industry and does so through a large number of interviews, reports and dossiers.

Silicon offers the complete informative compendium about Information Technology professionals and deals closely with their business areas: clouds, storage places, networks, security, and much more.

Tech magazines: Wired

Wired is a monthly U.S. magazine, published in print and online, that focuses on how emerging technologies affect such core issues as culture, economics, and politics.

It is headquartered in San Francisco, California, and has been published since March/April 1993, so it has already earned respect and pedigree.

Tech magazines: Hobby Consolas

Let’s move on to Hobby Consoles. A Spanish video game magazine that has been entertaining us since 1991. It is currently edited by Axel Springer España.

As we can imagine from the time it was born, Hobby is one of the magazines that talk about older video games that are still active.

Every month it gives us quite complete information about videogames of all kinds and for all consoles and, from 2012, also information about PC videogames and mobile devices.

Monitoring Technologies: Pandora FMS

Once you’re in the middle of technology, would you like to take a look around? Go even further into the world of technology? How about taking a few minutes to learn what computer system monitoring is and why it’s also very important?

Monitoring systems monitor technology (hardware, networks and communications, operating systems or applications, for example) in order to analyse its operation and performance, and to detect and warn of possible errors. And this leads us to Pandora FMS, which is the great tool thanks to which this blog is possible.

Pandora FMS is a flexible monitoring software, capable of monitoring devices, infrastructures, applications, services and business processes.

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