Social media monitoring. Find out 8 tools for great monitoring

From your cousin Paco to your grandmother Maria. From the Pharmacist around the corner to the President of your country. Some studies claim that about 3,000 million people around the world already use social networks. Don’t you think that’s a lot of people?

Since its emergence 10 years ago, social networks have quickly become one of the great things about the Internet. The success of social networks has led millions of people to spend hours and hours each day immersed in endless content and for many of these people this is why they use the network. Given that the number of Internet users is estimated at around 4,000 million users, it could be said that about 75% of people who use the Internet use it for social networks.

Nowadays, companies know how important social networks are. Today, most businesses have profiles on social networks. On the other hand, thousands of professionals also have used these to make themselves popular or to share ideas and experiences.

But the direct presence is not the only concern for brands when it comes to social networks. Users perform all kinds of comments about companies, brands or products in their own profiles. Thus, there are basics concepts for survival online such as digital reputation, which is in the hands of users through these networks like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

In addition to this, it is not just a matter of digital reputation for companies on social networks. The good thing about social networks is that these can be used to advertise the products of a company or these can also be used to generate some buzz about a product.

However, it’s quite difficult to control the volume of content that is generated there. All this volume and complexity, combined with the interest of professionals and companies, has generated all kinds of emerging applications for social media monitoring. Both those ones which specialize in specific networks, and also those ones which are capable of monitoring dozens of them at once, there are many of them to suit the needs of each user.

When it comes to companies, these applications are very useful to answer a question that is quite important nowadays: What do my clients think of my brand?

In this article we will briefly discover some of the tools for social media monitoring which can be found on the Internet. Most of these have some cost-free option, but some of them also have paid versions, which provide additional features. Let’s start!


This is one of the most popular monitoring tools on social networks and according to their own website, it has more than 15 million users. It’s capable of being used in a number of social networks, specially the most common ones; it is easy to use and intuitive. It allows you to monitor your brand and to monitor whatever your customers say about your brand on social networks.


It is one of the most popular tools. It is specially focused on content. It has features that suggest content that may be of interest to followers and it can monitor their reaction. His “Klout score” is quite popular, which is an index between 1 and 100, which represents the influence or ability to generate actions, in every user.

Social Mention

It is able to monitor mentions received by a brand in more than 100 social networks. It classifies its influence through 4 different categories: “reach” “Passion”, “sentiment” and “strength”


It’s very useful for measuring the presence of a brand on social networks. One of its distinguishing features is that it rates differently for each platform, which allows us to distinguish what platforms are performing best for our brand and which ones should improve.

Twitter Analytics

This is one of the greatest tools when it comes to monitoring Twitter. It is able to measure the interaction and improve the success of “tweets” but it also able to explore the interests, locations, and demographics followers.


Another tool which is quite relevant among those for Twitter monitoring. It has several features in relation to this social network, which makes it a very complete tool for monitoring this great social network.

Google Trends

It is one of the classic ones in this industry. It monitors the most common searches on the most used search engine in the world: Google. It also allows you to compare results, by country and to see graphically the evolution of the interest (search terms) for a brand.

Google Alerts

This is another Google service sends by email the new content that has been generated and has been found by the search engine, and that contains the search terms selected by the user. It has configuration options that allow you to select variables such as the type of alert or its frequency.

And so far we have seen some of the best known social media monitoring tools, but there are many more, according to the taste and needs of users. As in so many other fields, the offer you can find on the Internet is limitless.

And yourself, what do you think of social networks? Do you think they will continue being quite popular for the next few years or, perhaps, do you think they will be overcome by some new trend? What do you think?

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