Smart business. What is it? Is yours?

Defining what a smart business is can be as difficult as defining what a smart person is. For decades, we have known that there are different types of intelligence that can help us in different aspects of our lives, and something similar happens with smart businesses.

However, since we do not want to give up on our efforts to know what it is, we can see some of the different aspects that can turn a business into a smart business. Shall we take a look at them?

Is your company a smart business?

If we want to go for a basic definition, we could say that a smart business is the one that knows how to use the resources available in order to achieve its goals.

Now this is the simple definition, but we can go further and get to know some of the aspects that outline that intelligence, which can also help you to know if our company is more or less smart. Let’s take a look at some of them.

A smart business is a company that uses digital transformation, it does not fear it

Let’s start at very the beginning because, in a way, the concept of smart business could hardly be understood in a different context than that provided by digital transformation.

Today, there are all kinds of technologies that make company operation easier. A smart company is not afraid of technology, nor the changes that adopting it implies, but rather knows how to make the most out of it to work better, achieve its goals and create business lines. Is yours capable of doing it?

A smart business is a company that knows how to manage the data it has

In the era of Big Data, we couldn’t miss a section like this for data processing, and even some authors understand that this is a essential factor in determining whether or not a company is smart.

Currently, there are countless tools capable of helping manage and use data generated by business activity, and there are even some professions specifically devoted to it, such as a CDO (Chief Data Officer). After saying all of that, which was only a brief profile, you may wonder: Does my company know how to manage data?

A smart company is a company that knows how to value its assets

A smart company not only looks towards the outside, but also pays attention to the assets it has, and especially its human resources.

Because inappropriate or unfair treatment is definitely not a sign of intelligence. A smart company knows how to value the work its staff does and reward it accordingly. It knows how to offer incentives and take advantage of new ways to make work more flexible. It knows how to keep its teams properly trained and updated. And it also knows how to motivate and involve its people in the company’s goals. Does your company do it?

A smart company is a company that knows how to communicate

Both externally and internally, communication is another factor to consider as an aspect of the intelligence of a company.

Thus, an intelligent company knows how to listen to and communicate with its customers, but not only that. It also knows how to make communication fast and efficient internally, both in vertical and horizontal relationships.

There are a lots of ways to do it. From omnichannel to tools for internal communication, you will find many options available. Does your company know how to use them?

A smart company is a company that knows how to adapt to market changes

In a time of constant change, companies that do not know how to adapt run the risk of disappearing.

A smart company knows how to recognize changes and adapt. It cares about understanding the customer and is able to offer them what they need better and faster than its competitors. At the same time, it is able to adapt its organization and production processes to market demands in order to work better and be more efficient. Is your company capable of all this?

A smart company is a company that uses monitoring

Finally, dear reader, let us take a separate section to the aspect that interests us the most from the point of view of this blog and that is relevant in terms of smart businesses. Indeed, a smart company is a company that uses monitoring

Monitoring systems are responsible for supervising IT systems (hardware, networks and communications, operating systems or applications, for example) in order to analyze their performance, and to detect and alert about possible errors.

In fact, in a modern company, computing is a kind of indispensable nervous system that runs throughout its “body” and its proper functioning is of paramount importance.

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