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How to update your PC BIOS

Content: Introduction Accessing the BIOS from Windows Alternatives to using the Windows 10 and 11 method What does UEFI stand for? When should you update your BIOS? How to update your BIOS BIOS Update Considerations Every computer has its BIOS, short for Basic...

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9 business models

Have you been looking for photos of nice looking youngsters dedicated to the modelling profession to take a few snapshots next to your company logo? Let's hope not, because this article has nothing to do with that! When we talk about business...

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Do you know what smart working is?

Do you know what smart working is? All right, we noticed you're up to date. Do you not know it yet? Do not worry too much (for now). This is a new linguistic expression- about 40% of Spaniards have never heard of it - but that does not mean that...