If it sounds like a locomotive and it breathes like an injured buffalo and if it is warmer than a damaged thermal power station then it is probably the main reason for your emerging computer stress.

Poor thing, it’s not its fault, you’ve been crushing it for 12 years with a text editor, another image editor and more than 20 browser windows open at the same time. Why does your computer’s suffering still surprise you?

What happens is that the reason why a computer runs slow is not always that clear. Sometimes there might be some things that you might not understand when you try to get things back on track. Do you have a slow computer that drives you crazy? Keep reading to find out why this is happening.

1. Your Random Access Memory (RAM) is being overused

Random Access Memory (RAM) is one of the key elements when determining the speed of a computer. If your RAM memory card is old, it may not be able to run more current operating systems at a great speed (as these may consume a large part of its capacity) or it may not be able to run those programs that you installed recently at a proper speed. Or perhaps it has broken down, which can happen, although this is unlikely.

If this is what’s happening to you, you can repair it, change it or expand the memory. Or “downgrade” your operating system so that it uses less RAM, or use programs that use less RAM. It’s up to you.

2. Another reason for a slow computer might be that the hard drive is full

This is very likely to happen, it’s a quite common reason. If you are one of those people who install any type of software in your computer, or those people that storage loads of videos, (my dear friend, your computer is not the National Film Library), then it is likely that at some point your hard drive will say “¡Enough!” and it will start using RAM to work properly. And if your RAM is being used for these tasks, then your computer will run slower, and also some programs will cause you problems when running.

The solution is crystal clear. Get rid of those programs that are not being used and copy all that material that you do not use and place it somewhere else, maybe in your hard drive (you do not need to storage all those cat videos from YouTube).

3. Maybe you’re expecting too much from your computer

It’s not about your RAM being old or about your hard disk being full, but you might be expecting your computer to run programs that are too “heavy” or you might be expecting it to perform too many tasks at the same time. Keep in mind that computers are already running several programs “in the background” by the simple fact of being in operation. If you execute many other programs at the same time, it doesn’t matter how modern and powerful your computer is, it will not be able to work properly.

The solution is in front of our eyes. Do not run too many programs at the same time. Or if the problem is being caused by a specific program that you need but it requires too much, then think about the possibility of using software that is “in the cloud”.

4. There might be harmful software in your computer

It is one of the symptoms that reveal the presence of a virus or Trojan. These programs usually use the computer’s RAM to carry out their misdeeds and make it run slower. In these situations, obviously, you have to get rid of that little intruder that can cause serious damage. Remove it yourself if you have enough knowledge to do so, or look for help from professionals, otherwise it might affect important or sensitive information.

5. The Internet connection or the browser might be the problem when talking about a slow computer

You must also take this into account. Nowadays a great part of the work that we carry out with our computer is performed with the Internet, usually through a web browser. Do those websites you visit take a long time to load? When opening the browser or using the scroll bar, does it take you ages? It may not be the fault of your beloved computer, but a slow connection or a browser that is not as fast as it should be.

Take a look at your Internet service provider. There might be a breakdown, or the speed that they are providing may not be appropriate to your needs. If there is a problem with the browser, try different ones. Maybe the solution is closer than you think.

6. Your computer might be too warm

Have you noticed that, in summer, your computer runs slower and it gets a bit lazier? Have you put your fingers on the case? Have you almost burnt your fingers? Then your computer might be way too warm… be careful!

In addition to the external temperature, overheat in computers can be caused due to several reasons, such as internal dirt or malfunction of the fans within the system which are responsible for cooling. Excessive heat can affect several components of system, and it can make it run slower.

The solution to this problem depends on the factor that originates it. You can clean the fans or get professional help so that it is properly repaired… but bear in mind, you will not fix anything by throwing ice cubes at it.

These are some of the common reasons why a computer might run too slow, but there are some more. If you work, for example, repairing computers or in remote support, we are pretty sure that due to your experience you have had to deal with more than one slow computer. What about sharing your experiences with us by leaving a comment in the comment section that is placed at the end of this article?

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