Do you have a remote management system? Remote management software, also known as remote desktop software, these are programs that will allow you to access the contents between different computers. The only requirement is that these computers must be turned on and need an Internet connection, but it does not matter if they are miles away!

Many people have never used this. These are widely used programs in some areas, for example in computer technical assistance.

If you have had a computer problem, for example at work, you will surely remember a situation like this. After calling the technical assistance service and after installing a small program, suddenly your computer goes crazy and you realise something’s up.

After this paranormal phenomenon, you will find a remote support technician, who will take care of solving that problem with your computer. Currently, remote management systems are quite helpful for people who work in computer support or maintenance, because these allow them to save a lot of time and money on travels, this way they are able to solve many problems and carry out different tasks from a distance.

In this article we will see some examples of daily situations with clients, and how a remote management system will help you and will make your life a little easier.


Your grandfather has bought himself a computer! After fighting with technology throughout his life, your grandfather Paquito has changed his mind and has bought himself a 2,000 € laptop, and now he calls you all the time because in his screen there are all kinds of weird messages (updates, etc) and he doesn’t understand why and he also wants to get back to playing his online games on his computer.

The problem is that your grandfather lives 180 km away, and it’s just too expensive to go to Seville to find out what happens every time he has a problem. And he also keeps having more and more problems over time.

With a remote management system this would be easier for you. You just have to ask your grandfather to install an agent on his computer (this is quite easy) or you can install it yourself in his computer, and every time you need to help solve a computer problem you could access his desktop remotely. This way, your grandfather could play those online games he loves, without interruptions and you could live more calmly. Easy-peasy, right?


Teleworking has entered your life! Your dream has finally come true. Your boss has offered you to work from home twice a week, and the first thing you did , it was to buy a lot of cosy pyjamas to enjoy those moments of glory that you will have by working from home, with a coffee and toast in your hand.

But, suddenly, a chill has run down your spine. What happens if every time I work from home I forget to copy in the USB important material that I need (such as files) and then I can’t work from home? The experience could be a disaster as you could lose your teleworking option! And if you cannot telecommute, what will you do with those pyjamas?

Don’t you worry dear reader. With a remote management system you can access the desktop of the computer that you use in your work. You only have to leave the agent installed on the computer you want to access and ask one of your colleagues to turn it on when you need it. So enjoy your pyjamas!


You love to travel you cannot help it. But you do not like to carry the computer you use to work on your trips (you could lose it and it contains many files that which means most of your hard work), and yet you have to access its content from time to time.

How will you do it? Do not worry, it’s easier than it seems. You just have to install an agent on your home computer and ask someone (your sister Florinda who shares a flat with you) to turn it on with the router when you need to access it. Thus, you will not run the risk of losing the computer on which you keep most of your work and you will be able to access your desk comfortably when you need it. So now, don’t you think the Fontana di Trevi now looks a little bit more beautiful? Enjoy it!


You love nature! For you there is nothing better than a walk in the countryside. You love birds, trees, and even dung beetles. Even a walk around the park in front of your house seems like a little wonder! You love that freedom when working by the shade of a tree while breathing fresh air.

However, the computer in which you work and in which you have your entire files safe is placed in your home and you cannot take it out of the house, as it’s too big. How are you going to solve this problem?

It’s very simple, again a remote management system can help you. You just have to install the agent and leave the computer and Internet connection on, and you can access your main computer from the laptop that you take on your trips. This way you can mix your passion for nature with your work.

What do you think now? These are just some fake examples of situations in which a remote management system could make your life easier, but I’m sure you can think of many more. Do you want to share them with our blog readers? You can do so by leaving a message in the comment section that is located at the end of this article.

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