If you run a business, you know that you should only have the best employees by your side. Not only will they do their work more effectively than anyone else and will increase productivity for the company but, by keeping them by your side, you will avoid a significant loss of time and money involved when hiring new employees.

Do you really want to hire new employees every month? Don’t you get tired of training them all the time? What about teaching them the functioning of your company and your work methods from scratch? Endless interviews, training courses, meetings… it is okay to feel jaded every time one of your good employees leaves, as well as that personal frustration involved (you might even have become friends with some of your employees so you might feel appreciation for them).

So you should know that there are ways to improve employee retention to keep your employees happier so that they don’t fly away and stay with you much longer. Let’s have a look at some.

1. Provide a good working environment

There is no other option. If your company looks like a minefield and your employees have to jump across the office in order to find their desks, then you know why they are flying away from your company as soon as they get the chance. There are many ways to improve the work environment, so you should make sure that the workplace is a pleasant place and you might use gamification techniques, among many others. If you create a good environment at work, your employees will appreciate it, and so will you.

2. Pay your employees a fair wage

Do not be stingy. A fair wage is one of the best ways to retain a good worker.
Although a good working environment or a challenging job are important, most people continue to work for money, among other things, because they have material needs that need to be fulfilled. Establishing a fair wage is not an easy task; it depends on many factors such as worker productivity or the state of the labour market, so you will have to make a lot of effort to give each worker the payroll they deserve.

In any case, you must remember that the benefits of an appropriate salary is something that also affects them at an emotional level; the employees will feel as if their work was recognised and they will notice that the company values ​​their efforts.

3. Offer professional plans for employee retention

For some workers, staying too long in the company doing the same thing may be a good reason to look for new directions. A career plan can offer new horizons; they should have a new goal everyday so let your workers know that they do not need to go to a different place to keep moving forward.

4. Set an example

Spending the day playing golf or showing up to work holding hands with two beautiful gentlemen or ladies is not the best way to motivate your workers. Working side by side with your people is a way to get there. If your employees find you working hard every single day and you give your best every day, it is very likely that your employees want to say with you.

5. Praise your people for employee retention

Although we all enjoy money and material things – like the fair wage we talked about earlier – we also have some feelings and we love it when our work is recognised. One kind word can change someone’s entire day, and it helps build great relationships as well as improving the work environment in order for your employees to continue being part of your team.

6. Make your employees feel as part of a common project and let them know what their roles are

To achieve stability within the company and to eliminate the hell of hiring new people, the workers need to feel as part of a common project. Explain what the company’s objectives are, what their roles are, and the importance of meeting those goals. They will feel much more valued.

7. Offer incentives

Days off, paid trips, extra pay when meeting some goals… There are many incentives to implement at work, so you should be kind and provide some of them. So, make a small effort and get to know the different members of your team so that you know what kind of things motivate them and what kind of reward they should receive. It’s as easy as one-two-three. Do it for employee retention.

8. Improve their quality of life

Have you ever heard of “emotional salary”? If you are able to improve the quality of life of your employees then it is very likely that they will stay with you for many years. If you take measures to promote a great work-life balance then you will be especially valued. Providing greater flexibility at work, allowing flexible schedules or teleworking can be a way to achieve this.

9. Let your employees express their opinions and take these into account

Listening to your employees will not only bring value to the company, but will make them feel better. To achieve this, there are multiple ways. You can take a look at Pandora IMS, which is a tool developed by the creators of Pandora RC which, among other things, can help improve internal communication in your company thanks to its ticketing tool.

10.Provide training

Most people like to keep learning things, and especially if those things are related to their work. This might be done through courses, or simpler methods such as talks, the training will improve the performance of your employees and will enrich them on a professional and personal level, which could be another factor for them to stay in your company longer.

Now that you know some ways so that your best employees stay with you longer, you should know that there are computer tools, such as Pandora RC, that can help you with tasks such as flexible working hours. Do you want to know more about Pandora RC? or do you want to read more articles like this? Visit our website.