Let’s check out together the features and improvements included in the new Pandora FMS release: Pandora FMS 764.

What’s new in the latest Pandora FMS release, Pandora FMS 764


New graphical interface of the sound events console

The sound events console has been modified to separate event configuration from their display. It now shows a progress bar over time until the next refresh and has improved usability in controls, filtering and selection.

Nueva interfaz gráfica de la consola de eventos sonoros
Conoce la interfaz gráfica de la consola de eventos sonoros

New data representation in agent view

Improved display of statuses and data in the main view of an agent:

Nueva representación de datos en la vista de agente

Scheduled agent autoconfiguration application

Added the ability to schedule the appliance of Command Center agent auto-configuration rules automatically.

Aplicación programada de autoconfiguración de agentes

New dashboard widget: “Color Tabs”

Nuevo widget de dashboard: "Color Tabs"

A new widget has been added to Dashboards. With the “Color Tabs” widget you may choose up to a maximum of 10 modules that will be represented horizontally showing its name, data and status.

“Color Tabs” de Pandora FMS 764 RRR

New dashboard widget: “Block Histogram”

A new widget has been added to Dashboards. With the “Block Histogram” widget you may choose as many modules as you want to represent their histogram in the same table.

Pandora WMIC package for ARM systems

Available as an RPM package and DEB in our community   download section   , in the “Other utilities and dependencies” section.

IPAM from Satellite

From this version it is possible to define IPAM network scanning from the Satellite server, indicating it in the Satellite’s server configuration file.

IPAM desde Satélite

Satellite Server Visual Interface (GUI)

The possibility of configuring the Satellite server remotely from the server view has been incorporated. A dynamic search has also been added within the different tokens to speed up the configuration process.

Interfaz visual (GUI) para Satellite Server

New report server

A new report server has been incorporated, which works as a reporting-only console. It allows you to create very large and numerous reports in the background and store them on disk or send them by mail.

Nuevo servidor de informes

Cisco IP SLA plugin support with snmpv3 and snmpv2c – Open Plugin

Added support for snmpv2c and snmpv3 to the plugin.Go to Library

Plugin open Cisco ironports – Plugin Open

New plugin to monitor Cisco Ironport Antispam.Go to Library

SAP HANA Database Enterprise Plugin – Enterprise Plugin

Plugin to monitor SAP HANA Database using custom queries that can be defined in a file. The plugin comes with a file with default queries but can be edited for a custom execution suitable for each case. Go to Library