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Update in: 12 July 2022


This plugin can return up to 26 modules per each IPSLA monitor using the unique tag of each IPSLA monitor established in the Cisco device. The available tags would be different depending on the configuration of each device. The tags and monitors used for the development of this plugin are the following: jitter, echo, pathecho, udpecho, dlsw, tcpconnect, http, ftp, dhcp, dns, voip.

Metrics gathered for each monitor are ICPIF, MOS, PacketOutofSecuente, PacketLateArrival, AverageJitter, PacketLoss, NegativesSD/DS, PositivesSD/DS, RTTMax/Min, and several others.

List all available tags and ids

The -s parameter must be used.

./pandora_ipsla.sh -t <ip> -v <version> -l <security> -u <user> -a <auth> -A <password auth> -x <privacity> -X <privacity pass> -s

Snmp v1 manual execution example:

./pandora_ipsla.sh -t -c public -v v1 -g 4 -m ICPIF

Snmp v3 manual execution example:

./pandora_ipsla.sh -t -c public -v v3 -l authPriv -u juan -a MD5 -A pass1 -x AES -X pass2 -g 4 -m ICPIF

EN: Pandora Cisco IP SLA EN
ES:  Pandora Cisco IP SLA ES



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For correct visualization of the Pandora FMS library extension, you must have installed version NG 760 or superior