Do you already know what tasks the QA department performs? Would you like to discover what each QA tester does on a daily basis? You don’t know what the hell we’re talking about but you’re intrigued and can’t stop reading because my prose is enigmatic and addictive? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll tell you how our QA department manages so you can learn what yours does without having to ask. Read on and don’t forget to propose me for the Nobel Prize for literature when the time comes!

Do you already know what tasks the QA department performs?

Starting with the functions of the department, QA is in charge of testing Pandora FMS and making sure that we offer the best possible quality to our clients and the community. It is an extremely complex task because Pandora FMS is very large and it could be said that chaos theory is well applied, since inserting an “&” character in a form field can cause a report that had nothing to do with it to fail. So be careful, any day your building could burn for the wrong character! From Pandora FMS we recommend hiring only professionals

Currently, our QA team is made up of Daniel Ródriguez, Manuel Montes and Diego Muñoz, although from time to time, colleagues from other departments support them to carry out specific tests. They are thick as thieves. They always sit together at company dinners and share a bottle of Beefeater after dinner.

QA Tester Team 

Daniel Rodríguez, “The beast (QA) of Metal”

Works together with the Support and Development Departments. He is devoted to testing new features and finding possible bugs to help improve the product. He loves sci-fi movies and metal:

My duties as department head are mainly to manage and supervise the work of the department, design and improve test plans, carry out manual tests and coordinate communication with the rest of the departments.

Manuel Montes

is from Madrid and began as part of the Development department, although he later joined the QA team. He loves cycling when the weather allows it, watching movies, reading and going for a walk with his family

In addition to manual tests, we carry out automatic tests with technologies such as Selenium Webdriver and Java to interact with the browser, Cucumber with Gherkin language so that the tests to be carried out are somewhat more understandable for less technical colleagues and, in turn, serve as documentation, and Allure to generate reports with the results of said tests.

Diego Muñoz, “The Gamer Alchemist”

is a QA tester, although he also helps the Support team, solving different problems for customers. He is from Huelva and although he has lived there all his life, he has no accent, which he boasts about. His hobbies range from watching movies, to video games, listening to music and watching series:

Every piece of code that is implemented in Pandora FMS goes through my hands or through those of one of my colleagues, who judge if the changes work correctly or have any errors. We also sometimes suggest alternative ways to present features to developers or to solve the bugs that we have been able to find. In addition, in the days prior to the product release, we review the whole console in all its Metaconsole, Node and Open variants, once again making sure that the code introduced in the new version works as well as possible.

The importance of the QA department

From the QA department, an average of 180 tickets are generated per release and, as you know, we present 10 releases a year. This adds up to more than 1,800 tickets annually, how cool is that? Sometimes it is a heinous job, because it involves throwing back the work of a Development colleague, and also difficult because it is impossible to see everything, and when a problem explodes in a client’s environment, it attracts all eyes. Although QA work has little visibility and can be very thankless, it is fundamental to the success of everyone’s work and the final product.

If you want to find out more about our departments out of curiosity or for the simple fact that this way you can find out more about yours, you can request it in the comments box, one of our busy social networks or by post, which is a little bit outdated but should totally come back. Scented letters and vermilion sealing wax. There can’t be anything more romantic!