Discover the top network monitoring benefits

Welcome to “The Top”, a program for grandfathers and children, for those who are idly hanging around and those who are natural achievers, for both nerds and popular quarterbacks. In short, this versatile and massive show is devoted to making the most unusual and genuine rankings. After trying, from 1 to 5, which Spice Girl we like best or which of the Epicurus Tetrapharmaceutical points is above the others, today we are moving on to the very expected: “Top network monitoring benefits”.

You have asked us earnestly for this classification, and although we dared not set their positions in order of importance, we are going to show you the points, within this top, that seem most important and relevant to us, and which you can certainly enjoy. If you can think of any more points, go ahead. Leave your opinion in the comments. A man with a monocle, a top hat and a mustache will review and judge them.

Top network monitoring benefits

1. Make better decisions as your system progresses and scales

It seems that we are talking about measuring, like when you go to those picturesque street markets, where you find all kinds of surprising fruits, vegetables, food and items. But no, we are talking about network monitoring. As we know, thanks to network monitoring, almost anything can be monitored, but what is not so clear to us, and that is the point that we want to highlight in our top, is that network monitoring will continue to work as our IT infrastructure evolves or new providers and technologies are added. Symbiosis and joint evolution. That is the fact.

A good monitoring will assume any element or plus that is added or changed in the network. It will offer a clearer visibility and control of the data, being able to make better decisions and stay more attached to the reality of our system.

 2. Save time

It’s not that we are one of those fans with little “Carpe Diem” flags who don’t stop citing Virgilio on birthdays: “Be a fugit interea, fugit irreparabile tempus”, but we do consider that all time saved is time gained. Saving time, among these network monitoring benefits, means having time in your pockets that you can devote to other tasks that are even more rewarding than taking care of your company. And this is what good network monitoring does, save and give you time.

Yes, all this time you waste trying to gather information, urgently, when it turns out that, boom, there is a problem. Thanks to network monitoring you will always be aware of what you need. The system will warn you of slow or failing components, annoying interruptions, overloaded servers, and poor connections, as well as other different problems that usually arise and that thanks to network monitoring can be immediately issued or anticipated.

But, a network monitoring solution that allows you to monitor everything on a single dashboard would be magical. With a single glance and without the need to enter thousands of platforms to monitor problems. That really saves time. Virgil, in the Roman tomb where he is, would be proud.

3. Getting ahead of chaos

We do not want to be ominous either. But in this house we follow the laws of thermodynamics. And as we know from the statement of the second sentence, every system tends to chaos. Frozen particles are condemned to melt, the universe to expand, couples to break up… So, folks, you have to stay ahead of chaos, and there’s nothing better to stay ahead of chaos than fine-tuned network monitoring.

Network monitoring is always looking for features, comparing data, revealing trends, and of course like that it efficiently gets to the root of problems faster, even before they come out.
Good network monitoring makes visible all kinds of minor problems or near-misses, so that one can address and solve them long before they turn and mutate into catastrophic and bloody problems. It’s like making sure that that lizard is gaining weight gets eradicated it before it turns into Godzilla and atomizes the entire city.

This way of working in advance not only helps you be cautious but also to plan for tomorrow. So, for example, we can be prepared for future updates without fear. Long before our current infrastructure reaches a potential limit.

4. Saving money

If our mate Virgilio gave you moralities and Latin advice so that you treasure your time, we, Uncle Sam and the Wolf of Wall Street strongly encourage you to treasure your money as well, and this, as it has been common in this Top, can be achieved through good monitoring.

Managing your IT system can be a burden, and a good one. After all, if something goes wrong with the system, the money per minute you lose would make even the hardest and most fearless ones collapse. But thanks to the guardian angel, which is a good network monitoring system, you make money and rest. If it is well tuned and, that said, it is as worthwhile as Pandora FMS, you will reduce any possible downtime due to a problem, so it will be rare that you lose money.

As we know, good network monitoring provides alerts about problems in your IT infrastructure. You can also customize those alerts with the ease with which you program those of your smartphone to wake up. Alert thresholds can be based on the standards that the industry dictates at that time or on the parameters that you want or need. So end the stress, end a possible period of inactivity due to some kind of problem, and end the million-dollar loss of money for not solving that problem on time.

So far our “Top” this week. I hope it has been very helpful to you and supports you in your decision to get a good network monitoring system. Next week we will return with more crazy and fun tops like “Series from your childhood that could not be PG rated”.

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