Pandora FMS Monitoring as a service is here!

On the way to perfecting its services, Pandora FMS launches one of the most advanced and complete solutions in its history as monitoring software: Monitoring as a Service (MaaS).

As we all know by now, Pandora FMS is a software for network monitoring that, among many other possibilities, allows visually monitoring the status and performance of several parameters from different operating systems (servers, applications, hardware systems, firewalls, proxies, databases, web servers, routers…). It can also be deployed on almost any operating system and has remote monitoring (WMI, SNMP, TCP, UDP, ICMP, HTTP …), etc.

But what concerns us this time is to see how Pandora FMS once again surpasses itself with Monitoring as a Service. Because yes!, it is time for you to have Pandora FMS ready to use and ready to cover all of your needs. Avoid, from now on, wasting valuable resources on installation, maintenance and operation, MaaS is fully intended as a flexible and easy-to-understand subscription model.

Monitoring as a Service (MaaS) advantages

In order not to roughly explain it in a rush, we better go into detail and list some of the most important advantages of Monitoring as a Service (MaaS).

  • With Monitoring as a Service, you do not need to invest in an operations center, or in an internal team of engineers to manage monitoring. That’s it, without capital expenditures (capex) or operating expenditures (opex).
  • With Pandora FMS as a Service monitoring you may accelerate the time to obtain values.
  • Available 24/7, access it anytime, anywhere. There are no downtimes associated with monitoring. Wonderful and available 24/7.
  • Generate alerts based on specific business conditions and discover the easy integration of this service with business processes.
  • Important: Permanent security. All information is protected, monitored and complies with GDPR.
  • Operation services, we can operate for you, saving resources and optimizing startup times.
  • Custom integrations, with Pandora FMS specialist consultants at your disposal.
  • Deployment projects, to support specialized resources wherever you need them.

Here is our proposal in more detail

What does this mean for your company or business?

Going straight to the point, Monitoring as a service (MaaS) provides unlimited scalability and instant access from anywhere and gets rid of worrying about maintaining storage, servers, backups, and software updates.

It is up to you to discover, right away, how the digital transformation of all business processes makes Monitoring as a Service (MaaS) an essential activity to boost the productivity of your company.

Some frequently asked questions about the solution (FAQ)

Of course, given such a technological scoop, you may have some doubts about the subject. Here we answer several of the most frequent questions that we were asked.

What agent limit does the service have? Does it have an alert or storage limit?

There is no agent limit, although the service starts from 100 agents. There is no limit on alerts or disk storage.

How long is history data stored?

45 days maximum. However, you may optionally hire a history data retention system to store data for up to two years.

What is the service availability? What happens if it crashes on a weekend?

The service availability SLA is 99.726% in Basic service, 99.932% in Standard service and 99.954% in Advanced service. In short, we will make sure it is never down.

In which country are the servers located?

We have several locations, to comply with different legislations, such as GDPR (EU), GPA (UK), CBPR (APEC) and CPA (California).

What security does the service offer?

In addition to an availability SLA guaranteed by contract, our servers are exclusive for each client, we have 24/7 monitoring, and our own system security. Of course, backup is included in the service.

How much does the service cost?

You pay a fee per month, which is calculated on the number of agents you are using that month. So if you increase the number of agents in a certain month, you will pay more that month. However, if you decrease the number of agents, you will pay less. There are also some start-up costs for the service and also some optional packages, such as if you want our engineers to develop a custom integration or help you deploy monitoring in your internal systems.

How is it billed?

Quarterly or semi-annually, with monthly cost calculations, so you can plan growth and costs without surprises.

What does the service include?

From Pandora FMS Enterprise license to the operating system, database management, system optimization, maintenance, updates, emergency patches, integration with Telegram and SMS sending, backup and recovery, preventive maintenance, environment security and any other technical task that may take up operating time. You will only have to operate with Pandora FMS.

What is the difference between Basic, Standard and Advanced services?

With the basic service, if you want to make a report or configure an alert, you can do it directly, without worrying about installing, configuring or parameterizing anything. In the Standard and Advanced service you can ask us to do it for you and we will be happy to do so, the same applies for building remote plugins, creating reports, users, policies, graphs or any other administrative Pandora FMS task. In the Standard and Advanced services you will have a number of hours of service each month for any request you may make, and our technical team will be at your disposal. Our technical team will be at your complete disposal.

What are the service hours?

Full office hours (from 9 AM to 6 PM) in America and Europe. From San Francisco to Moscow.

If you can no longer handle the intrigue and want to see how far the possibilities of Monitoring as a service go, you may now hire the solution through this link.

Would you like to find out more about what Pandora FMS can offer you? Find out clicking here . If you have to monitor more than 100 devices, you can also enjoy a FREE 30-day Pandora FMS Enterprise TRIAL. Installation in Cloud or On-Premise, you choose !! Get it here .

Last but not least, remember that if you have a reduced number of devices to monitor, you can use the Pandora FMS OpenSource version. Find more information here .

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