Fetal monitoring and system monitoring. Find out all about these

If you’ve been lucky to experience the hours before a birth, it is likely that you know the monitoring process that is carried out with mothers and babies, when these are still in the womb.

Fetal monitoring is quite popular and it is a prenatal test that is performed during the weeks and hours prior to delivery to control the baby’s well being in these special moments. The baby’s heartbeat and movements are controlled through fetal monitoring, in order to verify that the baby is healthy and that there is no problem, such as an oxygenation problem that may require medical intervention.

During fetal monitoring, and especially during antepartum monitoring (which is carried out during the hours prior to delivery), two things are especially eye-catching. First, the baby’s heart rate counter, parents will look at this with expectation over and over to see if it has the adequate range (between 120 and 160 beats per minute, approximately). Secondly, a paper tape that moves slowly, which shows in a graphic form, something similar to an electrocardiogram-, the contractions suffered by both the mother and the baby, and that frequency determines the proximity of the defining moment of childbirth

Hopefully, if all goes well, the monitoring procedure will end with the delivery, a few hours later, ending a 9-month trip and starting an adventure that will last a lifetime.

We are pretty sure that right now you are asking yourself, why are they telling me all this? Don’t worry! We haven’t forgotten what this blog is about, and nope we haven’t modified Pandora FMS and we haven’t turned it into fetal monitoring software.

We just compared these to let you know how important good monitoring can be. But remember that nothing is as important as life, and even more so when it comes to a new life!

However, we could ask ourselves the following question. If monitoring for mothers and babies before delivery is so important and necessary, should monitoring also be important for a company? Of course it should be.

The ultimate goal when monitoring –any kind of monitoring- is to offer information that will let us know that everything is going according to plan, and also it will warn us when a problem arises, so that we are able to react on time

Nowadays, most companies require Information Technologies to be able to operate. Therefore, monitoring computer systems can be essential for the business to survive.

Imagine the following scenario. A company in the retail sector keeps its website in operation, an online store in which they sell all kinds of products, and it has become the most important sales channel of the company.

Imagine that the necessary infrastructure to keep the website operating is not monitored, so the company does not have direct control over the operating status of the website.

At a business level, we can say that such behaviour would be even reckless. Any failure – for example, server crashes – could have serious consequences for the business. Imagine that thousands of people try to access the online store in order to purchase something and suddenly they find out that it is not working, it shows errors or that it works too slowly. Probably, most visitors would leave the page and they would look for their product somewhere else. Many of them wouldn’t even come back to your website, so you wouldn’t make money that day, but bear in mind that you would also lose clients for the future. The losses caused by this could be very important for the company, as well as the cost in terms of image damages.

However let’s imagine that the company has good monitoring software. In the event of a failure, it would warn them about this, so they would avoid problems or, at least, it would let them know about these quite fast in order to solve them as soon as possible.

This is just an example. Monitoring computer systems can be used for this, but it can also be used for many other things. For example, you can take a look at this link where you will find more information about the features that are included in Pandora FMS.

When it comes to monitoring the technology of a company, we already know that we will not be controlling something as important as the life of a baby, but we will be dealing with aspects that can be vital for the proper functioning of a company.

At this point, we would be quite honoured if you could take a moment to learn more about Pandora FMS.

Pandora FMS is monitoring software capable of monitoring devices, infrastructures, applications, services and business processes. FMS stands for “Flexible Monitoring System”, and we have chosen this so that it represents the flexibility of Pandora FMS and this is one of its main hallmarks. Pandora FMS is software that suits the needs of your company or organization.

Many companies and organizations, including multinationals, universities, hospitals or public entities around the world, have already relied on Pandora FMS. Do you want to find out who our clients are and some of our success stories? You can do this by clicking here: https://pandorafms.com/customers/

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