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    Pandora is a real all-in-one solution, covering everything from hardware to business processes, but unlike other solutions,
    we are more flexible and have faster deployment.

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    Discover why the Enterprise edition is the most complete monitoring solution available

Application performance monitoring no matter how complex

We have wizards and predefined plugins, but we all know that each setup is unique. That’s why we are flexible, to adapt to your specific needs, not the other way around.

See availability and performance across your Hybrid Environment

Nowadays, complexity is not only present in applications, but also in underlying systems, network topology, and mixed cloud/SaaS/IaaS infrastructures. We can reach all the information, and put it all together for you, regardless of where it’s hosted – all of it visible on one screen.

Consolidate the information you care about in one view

Instead of running multiple pieces of software, scripts, logs, etc., with Pandora FMS get both real-time & historic application performance metrics in a single solution.

Why our Enterprise edition?

Pandora FMS Enterprise covers all the needs you may have in any area. With a single product you will be able to unite all of your company’s monitoring.

“For a long time, we tried several solutions: Nagios, Zabbix, Zenoss but none of them could cover our needs. That’s when we discovered that Pandora was exactly what we needed”.

Luciano Zeni. Head of Systems and Information Dept. Communications Director of Technology and Information, Acre State Government, Brazil.

Pandora FMS Enterprise is licensed based on the number of monitored devices (we call them agents) without any limits on the number of metrics (modules, in our terminology) that we gather per agent. This way, you can monitor every switch port you need or all instances within an Oracle database, in full detail . We can also give licenses per module, in such a way that the license can be exactly adapted to your needs.

Set it up yourself

The Pandora FMS Enterprise license also includes professional support from the team that develops and implants Pandora FMS. We also have an option for 24/7 support. Besides, Enterprise users will have access to all the updates, new versions, and to the Enterprise plugin and extension library.

The sales model for Pandora FMS Enterprise is very simple: the subscription is based on your use of the services and software. The price for your subscription doesn’t change, unless you decide to vary your subscription type. No sudden price jumps, no surprises. The Enterprise license includes support, software updates, patches and new exclusive features.


Server monitoring can be a quick and easy task if it´s done remotely with one of our diverse remote system checks (TCP, WMI or SNMP), or it can grow into a flexible, in-depth, and powerful solution by installing software agents to complement those checks. We have our own software agents for most modern operating systems (Unix, Linux, Windows, Android), and it’s also possible to collect the information you want with the execution of simple commands, complex scripts or through any interaction with the operating system.

Server monitoring isn’t usually as simple as checking a port on a running process. Some processes are dynamic, and are part of services that have several layers of complexity. Our software agents can run local plugins, which are flexible pieces of code that communicate with your applications: SAP/R3, Oracle, DB2, Exchange, Tomcat, JMX, JBoss, IIS or any other enterprise application you may be using. Of course, our software agents work on every operating system on the market.

Server monitoring with software agents will allow you to gather inventory information (such as installed hardware, software packages), deploy software onto the system, execute remote commands in critical situations and obtain logs in order to process them. They can also act as “proxy servers” that perform remote checks, enabling monitoring of systems that are out of server range.

Other solutions on the market consider Server or Application monitoring to be a simple check-in on the TCP port, which translates into a reduced and simplistic view of the monitored agents. Pandora FMS enables a wider, more flexible and comprehensive view of everything, allowing you to monitor more efficiently.


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You can read more about all the features of Pandora FMS’s Enterprise edition below.

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With Pandora FMS, you’re able to measure how much bandwidth is used in your network – either by asking your router or switches through SNMP, or by processing Netflow statistics sent by your routers. Understanding bandwidth and resource consumption is the key to achieving better network management where the most important thing is avoiding bandwidth and server performance bottlenecks.

Find out what applications or servers are consuming your bandwidth; deliver better quality of service to your users by being proactive and reduce costs by purchasing bandwidth and hardware according to the actual load.

Routers, switches, modems, API’s and other network equipment speak a common language: SNMP. With Pandora FMS, you’re able to set up a device with a few clicks and start monitoring bandwidth, interface status, average load, storage space, memory usage and much more. You’re also able to receive dozens of different reports containing useful information.


Would you like to know more? Just use our Recon Server to detect all your networks, including their topologies, hierarchies, and OSs, then apply templates to start monitoring your devices automatically. An entire Class B Network can be detected and monitored in less than an hour!


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