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    Find out why our Enterprise version is the most complete monitoring solution for business.

What is Pandora FMS Enterprise?

Pandora FMS is a complete suite of applications for monitoring your company’s technology. You can’t avoid unforeseen upsets but you can stop them from ever happening again. Get real-time feedback on all your company’s critical IT assets with Pandora FMS:



pandora fms enterprise

Business processes


Supervise application performance no matter how complex

There are wizards and predefined plugins for every kind of application, however unique their configuration. That’s why we provide flexibility – we adapt our technology to your business, not the other way around.

Check availability and performance throughout your hybrid environnment

Complexity is built into all your underlying systems and processes, not only your applications. Pandora FMS can reach all your data, wherever it is, and bring it all together onto the same control panel.

Consolidate the most relevant information for you on a single display

Get real-time historical metrics on all your applications with a single, simple tool instead of launching multiple software, scripts or logs,

Control panels and dashboards

Pandora FMS allows its users to filter through massive quantities of data for the most relevant information, omitting unnecessary technical details. A real time control panel that displays the pertinent intelligence for the specific profile.

IT and Communications

Network use, availability, performance, packet loss, memory and available hard drive space, among hundreds of metrics.


Knowing how many incoming orders there are in every branch is putting high technology at your organisation’s service.


Oracle, SAP, Exchange, SQL Server, Informix, MongoDB, Active Directory, JBoss and dozens of business applications more.


Manage and display your essential infrastructural components in terms of their real world functions, not their technological status.

Customer Attention

From VoIP quality to tracking and integration with third-party applications such as JIRA, Remedy or Integria IMS.


Ensure your compliance percentages are being met by measuring critical KPIs. Accurate to four decimal places. Automatically generate detailed reports.

Ideal for MSPs

Pandora FMS Enterprise provides MSPs the ability to offer their clients service monitoring from any point in the infrastructure. The new version allows various operational layers; on one hand, system administration can be delegated to the client, maintaining critical infrastructural elements protected, and on the other hand, allowing 24×7 operations to be carried out on your client’s monitored infrastructure, and offer specific displays and reports on selected infrastructure components, allowing all your clients to view the information they need in the most optimal way possible.

Compare Pandora FMS editions

How does it work?

The MSPE version is based on the Metaconsole, a component designed to operate with large volumes of end points (or agents). The MSPE license is included in the Pandora FMS Enterprise license for over 2000 agents, otherwise two licenses are necessary: the Enterprise license and an additional MSPE license. The MSPE license is usually operated in tandem with another Pandora FMS instance, each with their own Enterprise license.


Apart from Pandora FMS’s numerous functions, we also offer specific training programs for SaaS/MSP environments (PAD & PASP programs), as well as other professional services which allow the user to carry out the initial deployment and configuration in record time, optimizing performance.

Remote monitoring of complex networks

Are you operating an extended network? With the Pandora FMS satellite server you can oversee more than 100,000 nodes using a single server, and, in combination with the MSPE version’s scalable architecture, you can manage 1,000,000 devices from a central operations point.

The satellite server is a piece of software deployed in unattended mode on an inaccessible network (like your clients’). It detects the systems around it independently, and knows what it is able to monitor. It can launch thousands of ICMP/SNMP checks every second and can also detect Unix/Windows/SNMP systems automatically.

The most competitive TCO on the market

Pandora FMS can bridge separate islands of information – Mainframe, SAP, Telephone IP, servers, communications or applications – and integrate them into a functioning data archipelago. Did you think it was possible to have all your company’s technology controlled by a single tool? Pandora FMS is seven times more economical than similar commercial products by HP, IBM or CA.

rakutenRAKUTEN, one of our Japanese clients, saved 40% when they installed Pandora FMS, and they aren’t even our biggest success story…
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