Easy monitoring with Pandora FMS Discovery feature

Throughout Pandora FMS’s history, constant improvements and functionalities have been introduced that have made Pandora FMS an advanced monitoring tool. At the same time, the more advanced the tool, the more complex its administration and configuration becomes.
The R&D team, together with the team of developers, saw in this growth of complexity an issue to deal with, wanting to reduce as much as possible the doubts that a user could find when working with Pandora FMS. Discovery was created for this purpose.

What is Pandora FMS Discovery?

Discovery is a new Pandora FMS feature introduced for versions of Pandora 732 or higher, which provides tools for easy monitoring, thanks to the introduction of wizards that reduce the complexity of configuration.

Currently we can see only the tip of the iceberg of this new feature, which will be improved and increased as new versions of Pandora FMS are introduced. Then we will be able to make a small tour by this brand new feature.

What can we do with Pandora FMS Discovery?

In the current version, the 732, we can observe that Pandora FMS Discovery has 4 new assisted easy monitoring tools, as well as a view in which we can observe all the current tasks of the Discovery system and a new notification system.

easy monitoring

Let’s look at each of them in a little more detail.

Discovery Host&Devices

This tool is used for the discovery of new devices inside a network reachable by Pandora FMS server, as well as for the import of devices through a CSV file.

Let’s talk about the first option, discovery of new devices. Some old Pandora FMS users may think “this already existed, didn’t it? Indeed, in previous versions there were the so-called Recon Task, which were scheduled tasks for the discovery of devices on a network. These tasks have been replaced by this new tool, Discovery Host&Devices, which not only simplifies the way of configuring device discovery, but also includes new options for initial monitoring of found devices, improving performance over recon tasks.

As for importing devices, we can quickly and easily start monitoring different devices on the network, only uploading a csv file with specific parameters for each device.

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Discovery Applications

This tool is used to monitor applications remotely. In this first version of Discovery Applications we can only observe VMWare monitoring -which we will explain next-, but we are working to be able to introduce more applications like Oracle, MySQL or Nutanix, among others.

Thanks to this new tool we will be able to monitor, quickly and with a few clicks, different VMware infrastructures. Pandora FMS Discovery will guide us through different tabs where we will have to introduce the necessary data to start our VMware monitoring.

If you want to know more you can take a look at this video:

Discovery Cloud

This tool is used for the easy monitoring of infrastructures in Amazon Web Services, being this tool the most “complicated” to use. Although at present we can only monitor aws.ec2, in the future we will be able to monitor aws.eks, aws.s3 and aws.rds infrastructures, among others.

Pandora FMS Discovery Cloud will guide us through the easy monitoring wizard to introduce the data of our aws.ec2 account, where previously an account must have been created to be able to make the queries that this tool is going to have to make. Once the configuration of the account to be monitored is finished, we will be able to see a summary screen where data relevant to the cost, evolution of reservations/instances and even a map of regions with the number of instances per region will appear.

Discovery Console Tasks

This tool, unlike its sisters, is an improvement of the old Pandora FMS Cron Jobs. As in the previous case of device discovery, the introduction of Discovery Console Tasks leads to an improvement of performance on the programmable tasks within Pandora FMS, such as making a backup of the database or sending a weekly report by mail to the server administrator.

Discovery Task list

When the new tools previously described were introduced, it was thought necessary to insert a view where you can observe everything that has been programmed in Pandora FMS, that is, from the introduction of a recognition task via Discovery Host&Devices, to the sending of a report by email thanks to a task programmed in Discovery Console Tasks.

New notification system

The notification system has been improved exponentially. Until now, Pandora FMS only warned us through a warning triangle of some events related to Pandora FMS state, like the incessant warning to change admin credentials to improve security. With this new improvement new messages have been introduced, previously non-existent, as well as the possibility of clicking on a message and redirecting us to the screen where we can solve the error. Additionally, it has been added the possibility of configuring this new notification system to be able to manage which notifications can reach different users.

In short, thanks to the guys in R&D and development, monitoring is and will be easier and more comfortable thanks to the new Discovery tool. If you want to know more about each of the tools of this new functionality, do not hesitate to visit our Wiki.

Finally, remember that Pandora FMS is a flexible monitoring software, capable of monitoring devices, infrastructures, applications, services and business processes.

Do you want to know better what Pandora FMS can offer you? Find out by entering here: https://pandorafms.com/

If you have more than 100 devices to monitor you can contact us through the following form: https://pandorafms.com/contact/

Also, remember that if your monitoring needs are more limited you have at your disposal the OpenSource version of Pandora FMS. Find more information here: http://pandorafms.org/en/

Don’t hesitate to send your questions. Pandora FMS team will be delighted to help you!

Finally, if you want more information about Discovery we leave you with this video:

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