Is Cybersecurity Awareness Month the event of the year?

Welcome back to the incredible and majestic Pandora FMS blog. In today’s post, we are going to deal with an event belonging to the month of October, that depressing month in which we become aware of fall, it is colder and someone keeps cutting short our daylight hours. If April is the month of flowers and November the month of the male mustache for testicular cancer, October is the Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

What is Cybersecurity Awareness Month?

Cybersecurity Awareness Month, which is commemorated every October, was created between the United States government and national industry to ensure that everyone had the necessary resources to stay safe and secure online.

Since its inception, under the supervision of the US Department of Homeland Security and the National Cyber Security Alliance, Cybersecurity Awareness Month has grown stronger and more widespread, reaching out to millions of users and businesses, and all types of corporations and institutions. Today, in 2021, it continues to make an impact, and not only in its country of origin, it already does around the world because, who would not join the cause of feeling more protected in these times we live in?

Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Origins

As we’ve explained, the National Cyber Security Alliance and the US Department of Homeland Security launched Cybersecurity Awareness Month in October as a shared effort to help Americans stay safe online. And they did it a few of years ago, at least all those that distance us from October 2004.

When a baby starts to walk, the first steps are short and simple. So were the early Cybersecurity Awareness Month awareness efforts. Most of them focused on giving recommendations on how to update the antivirus, at least twice a year. But little by little they increased their ambitions, their reach and their participation. For example, launching complex campaigns in the industry, involving clients, NGOs and even university campuses.

The organizers made it clear in these years that responsibility for cybersecurity problems is fully shared. From large companies to small users with their battered laptops, all of us must protect our digital treasures and always keep them under supervision.

The European Cybersecurity Month (ECSM)

What is European Cybersecurity Month? The European Cybersecurity Month works, like the American Cybersecurity Awareness Month, as an annual campaign devoted to promoting cybersecurity among users, companies and institutions. The only difference is that the European Cybersecurity Month is promoted by the European Union.

Throughout the month of October, safety information is provided online and awareness is raised through good practices. Activities are carried out around the entire continent: conferences, workshops, seminars, presentations, etc. Everything in order to make us finally aware of digital hygiene.

We must thank the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) and the European Commission for the fruitful month of European Cybersecurity Month, which, of course, has the full support of the EU Member States.

Some events of Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Like the Homecoming Week for high schools, Cybersecurity Awareness Month is also divided into different segments. We are going to list those established by the National Cybersecurity Alliance this year, 2021.

First week

The first week will be themed on creating strong passwords, using multi-factor authentication, backing up data, and updating software.

Only that way will we be able to realize how dependent we are on technology and reconsider the amount of personal and commercial data that we treasure on platforms located on the Internet. There, at the hand of any cybercriminal.

Second week

The motto? “You must be careful with emails, text messages, and chats opened by strangers and incognitos.” You are just one click away from a suspicious email, link, or attachment, to bother the hell out of you. Indeed phishing and digital scams in general have been on the rise since we began with this pandemic. Since we have the damn COVID among us, phishing attacks represent more than 80% of reported security incidents.

Third week

The third week of Cybersecurity Awareness Month will be focused on supporting, inspiring and applauding students who have chosen, or want to choose, a university career focused on cybersecurity. Whether they are teenagers, adults or confused kids who want to change fields of study. Cybersecurity is cool, youngster! It is fully growing and has space and credits for everyone!

Fourth week

This week we will try to make security a priority for companies more than ever. Incorporate security in products, processes, tools… Promote cybersecurity in employees and teams. Get cybersecurity in the minds of department heads until they themselves celebrate the vanguards and news of this discipline on a daily basis.

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