Do you need to buy? Maybe you don’t need to, but you want to.
Human beings are complex and contradictory. When it comes to fulfilling our desires and needs, we are driven by diverse forces, which often add up to each other.

It can help to learn about them, especially if you have a business. After all, you depend on your customers. If they like what you’re offering, if they find it attractive and colorful, your business is much more likely to succeed. But in order to be able to offer them what they want or need, it is first necessary to know why people buy.

Why people buy. Learn about it with these 15 Purchase decisions

In this article we are going to look at 15 reasons that encourage people to buy. Let’s do this!

To cover basic needs

We all have them. Food, drink, hygiene, safety… These are essential and common. If you find the best way to satisfy them, you’ll succeed like Coca-Cola.

To find a product at a low price

Some businesses operate entirely on this premise. Many people buy products according to the price they have, without taking the time to evaluate quality. And sometimes they’ll even do well and stuff!

To find a good value for money

That’s one of the most logical purchase decisions. Buying a product that we are going to use (if we are not going to use it, it is no longer so reasonable!), assessing properly the relationship between its quality and its price is the goal of most buyers. Is your company able to offer that? If so, then you’ re going to sell a lot.

The product is trendy

They are well aware of this in the clothing sector, but it is not the only one…. A trend can make a product rise to the sky in a matter of days. Remember, though, that trends are temporary….

There is an obligation to buy

This is not a very common reason but sometimes we buy because we have no choice. Do you have children? Did you have to buy school uniforms? Then you know what we’re talking about….

To be addicted to shopping

This is one of the most dangerous reasons to buy, and can have serious consequences. Some people are addicted to shopping to the point that it can affect their personal or family lives. Bad stuff….

They need it urgently

They are well aware of this at airports. Sometimes we buy the first thing we come across because we don’t have time to stop and value it. In this type of situation, availability will come first.

To fill a void

It may or may not be related to a shopping addiction. It is sad that this is true, but it is one of the human being’s weaknesses. Some people buy products, sometimes compulsively, to fill emotional gaps.

They have financial power

Some people buy simply because they can. Although there are some cases of “stingy rich”, it is more common for people who have a lot of money to spend more money because they can afford it.

To show off or to obtain prestige

Some people buy to show off later. Many luxury products are specially designed to satisfy people who find pleasure in displaying their possessions.

To satisfy desires

It is one of the most powerful buying forces. In fact, one of the main objectives of marketing and advertising is often to generate or awaken people’s desire to buy. The mechanisms used to arouse this desire have been the subject of numerous studies and are widely recognized by companies around the world. And if companies pay so much attention and invest so much money in these aspects, there is a reason for that, don’t you think?

They feel social pressure

It is certainly not one of the most desirable purchase decisions, but it does exist. Some people feel compelled to buy some products in order to live up to others.

They appreciate the brand

Some brands sell on their own. A strong brand can convey values of quality, reliability or design, and can make customers feel like they are buying a top product. Even some users may become fans of the brand!

To be willing to collaborate

One of the most rewarding purchase decisions. Certain products are purchased with the idea that the purchase will help some people or social groups. These are solidarity products, which are increasingly present in the shop windows of all types of stores.

They take care of themselves

You may have noticed it in recent years; many people are increasingly concerned about their health, which leads to the success of certain products, which are considered healthier or environmentally friendly. Do you want to have an apple?

These are some of the most common reasons why people buy. Do you think we have forgotten any? You are probably right! There are so many reasons why people buy that it’s hard not to miss a few, so if you think we’ve left something behind, you can help us out and leave a message in the comment section at the very end of this article.

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