As Bob Dylan, a man who sings, knows a lot and has a Nobel Prize, once said: “Times are changing”. But also, the way in which companies and customers are connected.

Although there are still “lifelong” customers, we now find a new category of customers who have a relationship with certain brands – which we might call “fans” – similar to the relationship established with football teams or bands.

Although these extremes are rarely reached, some customers have a real appreciation for certain brands and consider themselves “fans” of them. They defend them in opinion forums or promote them among their friends, and are even able to queue for hours to purchase their new products on the first day of their launch.

Turn customers into fans; 6 ideas to make them love your brand

Naturally, for any brand, this type of follower is a blessing. They are not only loyal users, but they promote it better than anyone else.

The problem is that getting users to feel this appreciation for a brand is not easy; it takes a lot of effort and work. Are you willing to do that? Do you want to see some ideas on how to turn customers into fans of your brand? Have a look….

You must offer the best product on the market (in order to turn customers into fans)

It’s obvious, but it’s also a good starting point.

Sooner or later, quality is valued. In addition to this, offering the best products not only reflects the value of the product itself; but for some people, it is an issue that affects their self-image and confidence. Many customers take particular pride in getting the best products they can find, and will often display them publicly.

And even if they don’t, even if your customers don’t link their personal image to the products they buy, offering quality will always be valuable. Provide a good product and your fan base will grow on its own.

Be different from the others

In order to be different from the rest of the brands, offering maximum quality will be one of the main ways to reach the heart of many users.

Some companies, the so-called “lovemarks”, have succeeded in doing this and have been able to make the public identify their brand with certain values or lifestyles.

Becoming a “beloved brand” is not easy; it requires a clear vision, great marketing, and years of good work. That being said, why shouldn’t yours be the next lovemark to hit the market?

Create loyalty programs

“Loyalty” is a nice word, but do you do anything to put it into practice? Loyalty programs can be very effective in linking customers to a brand.

Many companies have been using them for decades with good results. There are many ways to do this: point cards, membership discounts, etc. Think about the type of products you offer and who your regular users are; it will help you design a great loyalty program.

Think of the details

Do you offer free parking to your customers? Is your sales team nice and helpful? Do you give away gifts to your customers? Is your establishment always clean, bright, and sunny?

Details can mean the difference. These are ways to please the user, to bring small benefits or to make their customer experience more enjoyable. Don’t forget that and always pay the greatest attention. Any small detail can affect the love they feel for your company.

Use social networks

It is one of the best ways not only to establish bonds, but to maintain them over time.

Social networks are a direct contact between companies and users and, if you manage them with professionalism and dedication, they offer multiple benefits. For example, they create a habit in the relationship between the brand and its customers. And they also offer companies something as valuable as getting direct feedback from their users.

In addition to this, they allow the user to have many valuable actions. Both explanations about the use of products and articles of interest, including customer service. A good profile on a social network can make many users feel more attached to your brand.

Offer great customer service

In many cases this may be the key. The customer service involves people, so it has an undeniable emotional component.

Have friendly and diligent professionals, structure your service in an intelligent way, and provide your team with the necessary tools to do the job well. If you achieve all this you will be much closer to assisting your customers effectively and not only will you solve their problems, but you will leave them with a great feeling, which will deepen their attachment to your company.

Here are some ideas in order to turn customers into fans of a brand, but I’m sure you have some very creative ideas. Do you want to share them with the readers of this blog? That’s great! Just leave a message in the comment section at the end of this article.

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